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no character icon, game crashes


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I am running as Adminstrator, with CP3 loaded into my game. When I attempt to create a character, and you have the choice between to icons, the game crashs if you select one or if you click the "Next" button. The image files are present in the Resources folder. Any assistance would be appreciated.


The error message from Windows 7 is "System error occured. Application will be terminated." I have .net 3.5.1 sp 1 on the machine, having removed .net 4.1.

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It did at one point, but there were errors in the game (I played all the way through, and there was no end after exams. It just kept going.). Yesterday, the game would allow character creation, but there were multiple identical options for each choice (Omen: Blood Moon, Omen: Blood Moon, Omen: Blood Moon, Omen:Island Lights, Omen:Island Lights ,ect). There is also a audio glitch when the screen to input your name comes up, pausing the music for a few seconds, then restarting it.


I just tried to start a new game without checking "3rd Interlude", this added the multiple optoins for each choice problem, but did not show character icons, and crashed.

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