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DLC 16: The New and the Returned

Legate of Mineta

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DLC16 has been released, and can be found here: https://u39655656.dl.dropboxusercontent.com/u/39655656/Academagia_Patches/Academagia_Consolidated_Patch_41114.zip

Instructions: Copy all files and place into your Academagia install folder (same folder as Academagia.exe). For example: C:\Program Files\Academagia\Mods\Content.mdm (Please overwrite all files.) Begin a new game, checking 'The New and the Returned', to use DLC16.

N.B.: It is very important that you update your copy of Windows before using DLC16. The memory streamlines require updated .NET components found in the update.
N.B.: This DLC and Patch was made using a new version of the Mod Tools. It is possible that there may be some unforeseen consequences of this change- please report any suspicious behavior. smile.gif

Before you Install: DLC16 does not require you to create a new game, but if you wish to have certain fixes, you will need to create a new one. This Patch is cumulative, and contains all previous Content Patches, Code Patches and DLC.

This DLC adds these to the game:
1) 4 New Characters, with unique Adventures and Events (Thanks to Awesome Community member Mikka!)
2) 1 New Familiar
3) Many new Phemes, Spells and Abilities
4) Several new Items
5) New Locations
6) 1 new Skill
7) Many new Adventures and Events, several courtesy of the Awesome Community (Poor Legate doesn't even have a count. It's a lot.)
This DLC updates:
1) Several Adventures and Events were reworked for continuity
2) Several Adventures and Events now correctly refer to the appropriate Actors
3) Several Adventures and Events had their benefits and drawbacks reworked
4) Several Adventures and Events now have additional Exits
5) Cars and Trench Coats and been moved to Scheherazade
6) Certain Students have had their AI Tables reworked
7) Many Lores have been updated
8) Dexter and Rui now are a touch more lore appropriate
9) Chimney Crows should now be much more available.
10) von Rupprecht was examined. And then re-examined.
11) Several Items have had their Types corrected
12) The City of Mineta Background now gives some swagger
13) To fully unlock the Sphinx's potential, you'll need to...[redacted]
...as well as many typos.


Special thanks to the following Academagians who originally suggested or raised awareness of these:

Deirdre Skye
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Well, there goes those Gryphons and flying pigs. Incidentally, any chance of us getting an updated mod base? Playing through things is all nice and well, but I find that searching for typos and the like is more easily done with the mod tools (especially because of that weird double spacing bug that only shows up ingame, IIRC).

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holy friggin shaite! It worked! IT WORKED! Next time I want something I'll be sure to sacrifice my party to Demogorgon!




Either way, thanks for all the effort put into this! Now, if you will excuse me, I got a game to play!

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Whoa, it's here, I'm downloading it! Someone hold me, I'm scared!


Thanks for all your hard work, providing us with new content. We'll be sure to shut up for like at least a week now.


We will? I thought it was time to start begging/demanding/pleading for info on year 2 :D

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Oh my, What a beautiful picture for Pebbles!


I see you filled in some extra bits and changed the action I wrote for him. probably for the better, lol.


The Oan tutorial on him just made me burst out laughing! Tell the team that they nailed him perfectly, although I have yet to properly play the game with new dlc yet, I can tell there's quite a labor of love there, thanks and I look forward to maybe writing another pebbles random event for the final dlc. :)

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Ah, Its a bit of a chore to pull up data from the game so I'll just give my first impression.


1. Avila Boy, blondie, looks like he realized too late that Boys and Avila is maybe not the best combo.


2. Aranaz boy, I get a wimp reaction when I look at him but that's probably because Aranaz (my college) doesn't tolerate weakness very well and he's unproven.


3 Godina girl. I really, really like this character on first glance. Someone who really stands out against the crowd.


4. Vernin girl, My first impression is that she reminds me of Deborah from the Dragon quest 5 remake on the DS. not... a happy comparison.



All seem pretty unique so I think mikka did a pretty good job!


CRAPOLA! I need to update my gradebook for these kids!

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...Wait, what's Sychronicity?


EDIT: After several reloads on a day where I got an expansion to 4 separate random skills (three Longshades and a Merit Award) I managed to roll +1 SS to Instinct, which unlocked the Sychronicity parent skill. I promptly was an idiot and reloaded the previous save before saving that roll. Oops.

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I would just like to say that Extrapolation of Evidence is now my favourite action. +1 SS to 2 random skills is awesome for skill fishing like this.


In addition to Empathy listed on the wiki, and Instinct that I mentioned earlier, I have now rolled - simultaneously, because EoE is just that awesome - the remaining(?) two skills of Sychronicity: Mental Bridging and Serenity. I'll fish for the other two and than train the crap out of them to see what they hand out.


BTW, they have monstrous train modifiers. I have Insight 8 and Serenity takes 2 SS to go to SL 1. Sure, I rolled Via Regius I earlier (increase training modifier to random skill) but, come on, what are the odds of that?


EDIT: Got them. Well, got four of them, don't know if there's a fifth skill. I'll now be maxing them out and writing down when they give out at each skill level, maybe posting it later if I don't get tired of that.

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Here's a short (read: Blunt) description of what Sychronicity and it's sub-skills unlock at what levels, or at least what their respective descriptions claim that they do - I've not personally tested any of it. If there's a fifth subskill or ways to increase the skill maximums (none of the skills can be researched, I think) than I don't know about it. Spoilered out as best I can mange for those that, for whatever reason, want to find out themselves:


01 - Sychronicity Pheme (D4. +1 Sychronicity, +1 Coordination)
02 - Information on a random student
03 - Soothe Fears (Insight/Awareness v5 - +1 SS Empathy to self, -1 Stress to self, -1 Stress to target)
04 - Subtle Calm spell (Connection/Consideration/Doubt Phemes. No roll for +1 Insight, +1 Instinct, +1 Serenity, +1 Stress Maximum, +2 Dispassion, -1 Passion, -1 Playfulness - all for four days)
05 - Bond Affirmation action (+1 SS Mental Bridging, +1 SS to 2 random Bond skills)
06 - Inspire Trust action (Charm/Empathy v8 - +1 Relationship of choice, +2 SS Persuasion)
07 - Counter-Mastery action (add Master's Bane - +50% CoF at casting any Mastery spell)
08 - Steady On spell (Connection/Decisiveness/Encourage Phemes. No roll for +2 Fitness, +2 Courage, +2 Instinct, -1 Intelligence - all for one week)
09 - Fortifying Trance action (+1 Insight, +1 Intelligence, +2 Willpower, -1 Charm - all for two days)
10 - Clarifying Contact action (+1 Insight to target until rest, +2 Vitality to target until rest, +2 Vitality Maximum to target until rest, +2 Stress to self, +1 Insight to self for three days, +1 Finesse to self for three days)

01 - Lore "From an Overheard Conversation"
02 - Consideration Pheme (D4. +1 Empathy, -1 Playfulness)
03 - Attentive Manner ability (permanent +1 to Listen and Awareness)
04 - Information on a random student.
05 - Lore "The Gift of Oneto Canasfari"
06 - Encourage Pheme (D7. +1 Courage, +1 Confidence, -1 Stress)
07 - Write Thoughtful Letter action (+5 Parental Approval, +1 SS Character, Charm/Storytelling v10 for +25 Pims)
08 - Charm Enemy Action (+3 Relationship with Rival, +1 SS Listen)
09 - Advise Fellow Student action (contested Insight/Empathy VS target's Charm/Passion - +1 SS Conversation to self, +1 SS Persuasion to self and -1 Stress to target if successful, +1 SS Debate to self regardless)
10 - Strive for Understanding action (+1 Insight, +25% CoF to Hostile Action and Hostile Abilities - all for 3 days)

01 - Lore "Instinct (1)"
02 - Free Running action (+1 SS Instinct and Endurance)
03 - Doubt Pheme (D5. +1 Stress, -1 Confidence)
04 - Decisiveness Pheme (D4. +1 Confidence, +1 Instinct)
05 - Collect Yourself action (+5% CoS at anything - lasts 2 days)
06 - Lore "Instinct (2)"
07 - Constructive Unease action (+1 Stress Minimum, +1 Danger Sense, +1 Instinct, +2 Creativity - all for three days)
08 - Safavoire School Training Grounds location
09 - Natural Leadership ability (permanent +1 Leadership, Composure, Rallying)
10 - Lightning Reactions (permanent +3% CoS at everything)

?? - Stand and Be Pressed action?

Mental Bridging
01 - Soothe Pheme (D3. +1 Stress Mamimum)
02 - Connection Pheme (D4. +1 Empathy, +1 Flirting)
03 - Acute Concentration action (+2 Concentration, +2 Mental Bridging, -1 Danger Sense - all for three days)
04 - Automatic Coordination action (+1 Conversation, +1 Coordination, +1 Flawless Timing - all for two days)
05 - Lore "The Madness of Oneto Canasfari"
06 - Lore "Blurring"
07 - Bridging Stone item (worth 200 Pims. +1 Concentration, +1 Mental Bridging, +1 Synchronicity - all when equipped)
08 - Perform Mental Exercises action (+1 SS Instinct, +1 SS Concentration, +1 SS Observation)
09 - Judge Character action (+2 Character Study, +1 Persuasion - both for three days)
10 - Light the Mind's Lantern spell (Encourage/Connection/Synchronicity/Encourage Phemes. No roll for +? Confidence to all with high relationship, +? Serenity to all with high relationship, +2 Insight to self, +4 Stress to self - all for four days)

01 - Lore "Serenity"
02 - Apple Tree location
03 - Serenity Pheme (D5. -2 Stress)
04 - Cleansing Breath action (-1 Stress, +1 SS Instinct)
05 - Pain Management action (Insight/Concentration v11 for +1 Vitality, +1 SS Endurance, +1 SS Willpower - can be used once every three days)
06 - Stillness Pheme (D5. +1 Serenity, -1 Stress)
07 - Zone of Calm spell (Encourage/Serenity/Stillness Phemes. No roll for -2 Stress to all with high relationship, +2 Composure to self, +2 Confidence to self, +2 Serenity to self, +2 Inscinct to self - all for five days)
08 - Brace for Pain action (+1 Vitality, +1 Serenity - must have 3 or less stress to use - all for three days)
09 - Clear-Headedness ability (permanent +1 Observation, +1 Perception, +1 Dispassion)
10 - Deep Reserves (permanent +1 Vitality Maximum, +1 Stress Maximum)


BTW, my comment about them having monstrous training modifiers might have been unfounded because Selective Focus took them down to 0/0 skill steps - indicating their training modifier is a measly 1.

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I'm kind of in bemused shock. I'm almost afraid to play. I think I'll bully all my characters to broken wrecks, after all the trouble they gave me writing them!



...Now, to play Academagia, or to finish my SWTOR double XP weekend. Decisions, decisions.

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i downloaded dlc 16 and thought i had copy pasted it into the right place

i started playing and thought "hmmm, maybe all the changes are just at the end..." when i didn't notice anything new


turns out i somehow didn't do it right. that's what i get for not reading the instructions

i was almost at final exams too...

guess i get to start a new game now, lol

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