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DLC 16: The New and the Returned

Legate of Mineta

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It's likely that you will need to download the Mod, and place it in the Mods folder, within your Academagia folder.


To get the very best, you may want to use this version of the Patch (Schwarzbart's):




If you place it in the Mod folder, you should be able to see the Mod and use it.


Have fun! :)

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Legate of Mineta,

ah, I found out what i was doing wrong - I moved Content_##_2 from the "Update" folder to the "Mods" one. I think this was the problem. Thank you for your advice ^^

And do I undertand it right, that this patch included all released DLC`s, which means DLC 16 will include all updates from other patches and DLC`s?


P.S. Finally I can enjoy new features in game >< All this time I was playing the "Third Interlude" version.

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DLC 16 should include everything, but due to an oversight it doesn't - it actually shipped with an outdated patch. Schwarzbart's patch fixes that issue.

So I installed the DLC first, and then used Schwarzbart's patch, which replaced some of the files. Was it a right thing to do?

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