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...That kind of makes geting the book of Gates mastery kind of pointless if all it does is unlock the skill you already have....



...Unless it might also serve as a way to teach an NPC student in Y2...? :lol:

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K I think my problem is that I only lvl 10 of gate methods.


And I tried boost to gates a second time and now it's 12 but no merchant. I'll reload and try boosting without my gates items on.


I think maybe I should have used boost gates before I'd maxed out my skills and so it's not unlocking?

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You should raise Gates Methods' skill max by one and actually get Gates Methods 11. Gates Methods is one of the skills who's research gives out +1 skill max, and it's location is Academagia: Fence. I say this because Relic, Merchant has a prerequisite listed as Skill Level/Gates Methods = 11. Not just "Gates Methods 11 unlocks the shop", but "Gates Methods 11 is necessary to use the shop".


As for the book, all it does is inform you of all Gates subskills and give a +1 Gates when equipped. Hardly worth the price tag of 998 Pims. The Bony Ring would be a better purchase, since it's cheaper and gives +2 Gates.

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Another random event with a stated Investigation option, this one concerning the PC being asked to deliver books to the Geometry professor who quickly decides you need a lecture for...some reason. Options beyond the Investigation are listening to the lecture, pretending to listen to the lecture, and ninja-ing out of there with Escape Artist. I'm not sure how that'll work seeing as how the professor is looking right at you, but, well, black option so I'll not find out.


Godina Park: Icanyke's Statue's active ability Discern Unspoken Whispers is broken. It claims to expand Gates' skill level by 1, but, well, parent skills don't work that way. The other effect of +3 SS to random Gates skill with Insight/Lip Reading v. 13 works as advertised.

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