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DLC 16 Bugs


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Lore "159 Suggestions About the Ature of the Moon"


132. Perhaps the number of moons a given body possesses is a mark of its worth, making the moons a rating system of sorts. That our Earth has but one moon suggests perhaps that we must work to earn additional moons lest the denizens of other planets think less of us.

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The description of Magical Gabardine Coat miss the info about the magical shield device enchantment it also have.


Edit: The Enchant sub skill Palettes description still sound like its the general skill for casting magic and not the skill for bring a palette into a item for enchanting as we where told here in the forum.

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In my current game I started with Family: Sky Pirates but to my surprise I had not a single detention 3 weeks into the game and checking my COD it turns out its down to 0%!

So I suspect the 10% more likely to be Discovered didn't get added at the start or got reduced to 0% as soon the firs change in CoD happened.

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