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You might check and fix the title of the lore "of Asto gates"


Amazing I didn't catch that earlier.


Anyway I'm going through the summer months and beyond in Y1, exploiting the useful bug to continue on after the autosave. It's letting me see some material I normally don't experience. Particularly in research which I don't usually bother with. I'll let you know if I find anything else.




Lore "physical looming intimidation"


"...Ever fiber in my body begs me to turn around..."

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Typo in Station: Nobility

By selecting this Background, you gain +2 Diplomacy, +2 Intrigue, +1 Leadership and +1 Command.

Whether poor or rich, the nobility are heirs to long traditions of service and duty. In this day and age, the nobility still rule in many areas of Elumia, and even where they do not their influence matters a great deal. In your childhood you would have learned the importants arts of maintaining one's position, intrigue and leadership.

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Theory of Astrology description. The red word looks as though it *should* be "why" instead of "way" based on the following sentences.




Understanding how something is done is just as important as understanding how to do it, and so it is with Astrology. The stars above influence the lives of those living below, but the how and the way are separate questions. By gaining a greater understanding of the why, one can get a better grasp on the how. Learning the why of Astrology is a fickle thing, however, and those who do not consider themselves lucky will often stumble when the time comes to translate their why into their how.


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The reference table says its supposed to expand stress (-5) but the magnitude is a positive number.


Briardi has the same effect at the same level according to the reference table but the magnitude there is a negative number, so it looks like an easy fix




Lore "Article on Academagia Buildings and Facilities" (second paragraph) I recomend putting 'see' between the red words. (this is from the modtools which may or may not have since been fixed.)






Strolling among the beautiful buildings and colorful gardens, it is easy to why students of the Academagia feel very strongly about their temporary home. The main building or academy is surrounded by the seven colleges. The buildings are generally made of stone blocks with massive columns supporting the staircases and large porches.

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Aultrine problem final step main text. That second only needs to go.



You don't even recognize the young man who's marching toward you as Eustacio, not at first; it could just be some guy five or six years older than you taking a stroll on top of a Wall wide enough to be a city street. You think it must be him, but there's so little of the old man there - and you only met the only man a couple of times. It's only when you hear his voice, old and oddly close to tears, that you're sure.




Oriabel's adventure step 05, all exits success text, makes reference to meters.


I personally don't care but you did mention that the metric system in game is pretty new so it seems a tad bit unlikely that you would have a metric reference unless a person from the area where it's used would use it. Just a heads up.

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With my current RPG game I had 2 times in follow a failed level 7 favour from Professor Chastellain.

Because I didn't use any favour so fare and the music skill are also not maxed I think that I stumbled upon a bug.

It could be that Master of Music and CoS Music Perfomance conflict and so the Favor fail but somehow I doubt this.

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