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The Legate already told us that there should be no way that a Student miss the exam, even if the Student is near death in the hospital (s)he is forced to join it.

There is a already known bug that Hall Sessions prevent that the score is displayed even if one is generated and this could be also the reason this time.

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1. The Blackburn Inn's passive bonus claims to increase the CoS of any Understand Strategy Action...but the only action/ability by that name is a passive skill buff, and the DLC 15 mod tools claim the location's passive actually increases the CoS of any Beneficial action type.


EDIT: 2. Typo in Daribus' Advocate Platform: "if Conley fees the speaker has made a critical argument".

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The Duelling Bridge makes mention of the countless "heros" that...did exactly what you'd expect them to do on a bridge called the "Duelling Bridge".


EDIT: And 5 seconds later I get a very short random event about a shelf in a shop suddenly falling down, and giving me the choice of either dramatically throwing myself beneath it (Athletics) or use Engineering to see that the faulty supports are actually easily fixed...which opens up a Repair roll to fix it. Literally all I can say, the main text of the random encounter is literally just a single sentence.


Incidentally, I don't think it should take a turn of Trial and Error to figure out what the Green Gift Voucher Worth 15 Credits (shouldn't that be Pims?) does, though the event doesn't identify it for you.


EDIT 2: Handyman's Shop claims that "there is barely one chance in twenty that someone will be caught in here", but the location has a CoD of 2% or a 1:50 chance of being caught. I personally wouldn't call 1:50 "barely" a 1:20 chance.


EDIT 3 (two seconds later): Academagia: Fence mentions "occasionally discover a new Pheme for themlseves".

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Lake Ruen apparently has a few things going for it to "make swimming her enjoyable". It's also described as being deep in the Imperial Reserve, but it's actually located in the Academagia Grounds.


EDIT: The Hollow Tree likewise is said to be deep in the Imperial Reserve, but is actually located in the Academagia Grounds.

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Imperial Palace: Room of Decrees mentions that "Ever since then, people have been encouraged to come down and visit the room in order to see what the Emperors have ordered. This trend did not stop with the vacation of the Throne, however; the Temple Council continued to issue Decrees…in the name of the Emperor, of course"...except the place has a heinous 15% CoD. I imagine it's because the PC is a student - just another of the troublemakers unless s/he possesses the Certificate of Imperial Favor - but it nevertheless looks weird.


Incidentally, does the Imperial Temple still issue Decrees in the (completely absent) Emperor's name? If so that'd be another faction to add to the list of political power plays.

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New post to mark as new: I just got a random event where, during Calligraphy class, Professor von Rupprecht (could be randomised class/professor, not sure) the PC drops his/her quill, looks at the bottom of his/her desk an notices a green glowing magical trap set on a timer that won't go off until the next period. Options are ignoring it, since it's not aimed at you; Negating it, because you're not a horrible person (in theory); Lying to the professor for information about who sat at the desk last and who will sit at it next, seemed like an investigation but I don't know; and using Arithmetic to determine exactly when it'll go off.


Problem A: The event's location, and thus associated image, was the Rooftops of Mineta, not any classroom.

Problem B: Despite the Lie option being green for me (with a character with 4 ranks in Lie) it actually failed, or at least the resultant text had the PC make up a bad excuse and getting docked Merit for it, so it seemed like it failed. And no, this character has no Chance of Failure that I know of - no Bad Luck Magnet, no active Cleanse and Remake, nothing.

Problem C: The end-of-day rapport mentions that I temporarily decreased Avila's Merit by 1. I can't say whether it's really temporary (with this character Avila is standing on 99 Merit, contrast Morvidus' 179 - it's never relevant), but the game says it is.

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DLC 15 Mod Base:


1. Mastery Methods Research does not hand out anything at rank 9.


2. Tales of Mastery, by Belfin Massast II lore has a redundant "also" (given the context of the first lore the second should be removed) and an instance where it doesn't properly capitalize Mastery...I think:

“Revisionist myth also suggests that our great King of Myth also abused the power of Mastery. If we recall the story of The King’s Wife she simply sees him and falls in love. Many consider that another instance of mastery.


3. Tales of Mastery, by Belfin Massast V is missing a quote at the start.


4. Tales of Mastery, by Belfin Massast VIII is missing a quote at the end and has a typo:

Many claim that Vrbitt is simply lying to make give his work credibility.

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More DLC 15 mod base bugs:


1. Theory of Mastery IV lore lacks...formatting, I think the word is? Something, what's amiss is pretty obvious once you read it.


2. Same for Theory of Mastery V. I'd say it's a problem with the mod tools, but ToM III looks perfectly fine, so...


3. Same for Theory of Mastery VII.


4. To Control, by The Marquis Wutant:

We make ourselves feel more powerful than nature than the elements.


5. To Control: Displays of Control:

I simply thing it is helpful for people to view certain kinds of magic as untruthful.


6. Pox Fever:

It wasn’t until the gods looked down from their high perches and took mercy on us that the healing waters were brought force for our use.


7. Two Ears, One Mouth III. Unless it was written for Cirillo.

In order to listen to the bets of ones abilities...

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I wonder how many bugs we will be able to find in the next modbase, if it is truly the last?


I won't look in the modtools anymore because I have no idea which bugs are fixed or not now, so expect me to look hard for errors when the next version is released. ;)


As we are nearly in February, any updates on Y2?

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