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DLC 16 Bugs


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Mod tools say that it's Finesse, and testing DLC 16 ingame to go from Jeweler 2 to 3 takes 2 SS without Selective Focus...and 11 Strength. Only 5 Finesse, though.


In good news, I did find out that Strengthen Will isn't a bad Pheme platform - decent Duration, low subskills check. Not bad.


EDIT: Going through the mod tools it seems that Planning is keyed to Insight, rather than Finesse as it's description claims.

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According to the last Mod DB the Turtle Adventure 11a Exit 28 & 29 Description have no mention on the roll.

Also Exit 28 difficulty is at player but not familiar level with a Difficulty of 17 and so probably the difficulty need to reduced by at last 6 but given the familiar attributes it probably need 10 lower.


Observation is listed in the Description as Charm based while in reality its Intelligence based.

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RE Disguise/Infiltration 8 - The investigation option claims to go off of the (dummied-out) Investigation skill.


EDIT: So I just tested the Sync skills, to see which attribute they're actually keyed to as I brought up before, and...well, I can confirm two things. A, Empathy is definitely keyed to Insight - it took 3 SS to go from SL 4 to 5, but with +4 Insight (thanks to a few Intense Focus spells) it only took just one. B, the other three Sync subskills aren't keyed to any attributes at all.


Yes, seriously, that's what my testing indicated. I know at least one of those other three subskills has a training modifier of 1.00 (since Selective Focus takes it down to 0/0), yet no matter which attribute I buffed into the stratosphere and beyond they all consistently took 2 SS to go from SL 1 to 2. 30 Insight, 28 Intelligence, 26 Finesse, 26 Strength, 18 Luck, 27 Fitness, 29 Charm? Nope, no dice. 0/2 Skill Steps, every single time. And I'm sure it's not an issue with the game not updating the steps correctly, since Empathy cooperated perfectly fine. I got nothing.


PS: The Authority Pheme doesn't actually have a difficulty associated with it, though it claims to be d5.

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actual a modtool bug that you might want to check if Y2 also have this problem.


If my understanding is right and we add a item or change the item type of a exisiting itme the modtool build up a new reverence table what item are from this type using the curent mod.

This is problematic if a mod author can't work with current game version or if a user load 2 or more different mods that work with the same item type.

If this happen items don't unlock the slot if they are not in the last loaded loaded mod that work with a specific item type (i.e. because they are from a newer game version or from a mod loaded before.)


So I suggest you build up this reference table new when start a new game instead of save it into the mdm of a mod.

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Mod Base: Raoul's Animal Kindness Clique Ability, on a successful Insight/Observation v. 6 roll, appears to expand a random Informed skill step by 1 for 18 "Actions" as the game claims.


A: 18 Actions translates to 3 days, not 18 turns as the wording would...suggest? Default to? Something (3 days = 9 turns, in case anyone forgot).

B: "Expand" doesn't last for any amount of time anyway, it's a permanent increase expansion. So that duration only acts like a cooldown timer.

C: Just look at those effects, that's horrible! Like, worse than Train horrible! Even Air Affair at least gives you a minuscule chance of succeeding on a roll you otherwise would have failed...


Air Affair, BTW, also claims it lasts for 6 "actions" rather than "a day" or "3 turns".

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