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Skill maximum increases aren't shown especially well on the skill list. Try and see if you can raise the skill to 11, even if the skill step counter claims that the skill is maxed out.


As for Pamela that's actually correct - the portrait on the wiki is actually of the (Greater) Air Demon, one of the cut monster encounters.

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Good that you did, although if you could perhaps clarify which second paragraph that was? There's...a few, you may have noticed.


Hint: Hit F12 when you're ingame. It'll print a bunch of information in the bottom-left corner, including the modtools name of the event/adventure stage/exit-/investigation name you're currently seeing (or saw last, at any rate). Really helps with reporting typos.

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Exit is the term used for event/adventure options that'll end said event/adventure (stage). Contrast Investigations, which don't end events or advance adventure stages unless they're specifically coded to make it look like they do (you can see an example of this during the Tower of the Cold Forge adventure). It's a term that's primarily used in the mod tools, in fact I don't think it's ever used ingame. Or at least, not intentionally. If you want to distinguish between the two, beyond context, form a Clique and look at which options during adventure stages have a "Sacrifice a Member" option - exits will if you qualify for it, but investigations never do.

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