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DLC 16 Bugs


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In Emilia Strolin's adventure:

I don't know if it's just me but in "Plots and Planning" in the option "This has really gone far enough" the two paragraphs are a little weird.


"You explain to Her that, eventually, Emilia Strolin's going to have to grow up and accept that stupid inter-House politics are nothig more than childish games. That no matter how Her tries, Emilia Strolin house will never get "ahead," and that the rivalry between Durand and Aranaz has nothing but the potential for violence."


"You're just lucky Emilia Strolin couldn't turn you to stone with her eyes. "If you decide to stop being a coward and help me out, I'll be waiting," Emilia Strolin says bitterly."


(In the second paragraph The "her" is missing the "link" [i guess])

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can you check Bright Young Vernin 00 as according to the modbase I use it the Instructor linking looks strange but that could be some bad save from my side


You’re minding your own business, on your way back to your dorm room after classes are over for the day, when [instructor]Instructor/Selection of Instructor/Giovanni di Lucca Professor Alazzo stick his head out

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According to the mod tools, Octavia Egidi 08 contains this:

“To heal a mind . . .” Professor Orsi says, leaving his desk to wander around his office. “To heal a mind would be what is usually called an ‘impossible spell’ because such a spell does not exist. No mage, at least to my knowledge, has ever healed a broken or diseased mind. The topography of the mind is simply too shadowy. Even spells that can discern the thoughts of others are only scratching the surface.”


Which I find odd, because the Spy IX RL lore contains this:

Marlein arrived at the gates of Academagia by sheer happenstance. After wandering through Elumia, frightened, confused, and alone. She was brought through the front gates to Orso Orsi who saw in her something more than the withdrawn, almost child-like woman who presented herself. Orso gave her food and a place to stay in the Bel Alze Tower, and through some complicated Societal magic, was able to draw from her some of who she had once been. He gave her a position at the school as a substitute teacher; always present and known throughout the campus as the “strange one.”


I can see Octavia being a case all in its own, but it still reads a bit weird to me. Especially when you take into account DLC 16 and the fact that it makes Orsi's last statement patently untrue. I suppose he could be lying, but...

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As I understand it, In Octavia's case, Her mind was fractured by a Mastery spell whose effects continued to linger. All they did was remove the magic and the mind (partially) healed on its own, or at least given an opportunity to recover...


Really because both cases involve Mastery it's hard to say exactly what gives because it's all [redacted]


Khoht's case was mostly memory loss, which seems like a different case than a fractured mind.

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