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Man, so many things happen in my absence.


Alright, Random Event Cante, I helped the little bastard and he got mad at me. Specifically, I took the Brew exit, succeeded and got a -1 relationship. So I got mad at him and unleashed Diavesque.


Awesome Community 31 is written all in red text.


Pep Rally 02 has an Exit 2 instead of text.


And when Cyrus uses Show off the text is "Relationship has been decreased by decreased by ...." and "increased by increased by"


Also, I'm not sure if this is a bug on my part, the devs, a question or a suggestion. When I read the lore on Serenity I half expected to read "I am a leaf on the wind...Watch how I soar". And it wasn't there. I got sad.

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I assume that it says that even after Selective Focus wore off? Because otherwise that's...normal-ish behaviour. In truth a skill that is as hard to train as Serenity shouldn't have the 0/0 thing happen,honestly I suspect that the assigned attribute is incorrect.

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Skills showing 0/0 steps is normal - it happens when a skill with a Training modifier of 1 (which shouldn't include Serenity but that's a different discussion) is affected by Selective Focus, which lowers a skill modifier by 1. A skill with a training modifier of 0 needs (some calculations)×0 steps for a given level, so you end up with 0/0. The game doesn't check whether you have enough steps to go up a level until you actually gain a step, which is why you sometimes end up with 1/1 SS after raising a relevant attribute, and why a skill that needs 0/0 steps doesn't immediately fly off into the stratosphere. After Selective Focus wears off the skill will(/should) still display the amount of steps needed correctly, the amount of steps just won't be 0.


Now why a skill that's as difficult to train as Serenity, which clearly shouldn't have a training modifier of 1, shows that behaviour I'm not sure. That's why I think the relevant attribute of Serenity and Instinct are bugged.

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Hi all, turning off music seems to have fixed the memory/crashing problems I had. I also used to get occasional crashes on reload in dlc 15 when I didn't exit the game before loading, but I haven't had even a single one so far without music despite being halfway through the game. So, if anyone else is having issues with frequent reloads then this looks to be a workaround.

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Having been playing with the 'Astrology' action, I'm really not sure how it's intended to work. Some stuff just sets random things to random other things, and that usually works fine. But when there is something like this effect:

CE:Lychnus V The Lamp leads you to information about a random Pheme linked to light.

Or the effect of:


CE: Gallina Artatus IV

This ability of the Constellation Gallina Artatus will increase the Skill Maximum for one's Choice of Subskill.


They just don't seem to do anything?? I don't have an option to use them anywhere, and I'm not getting phemes. The choice of subskill maximum might take effect but I wouldn't be able to tell because I definitely don't make an actual choice.


My method of testing is to spend the entire game using the Astrology action and try to figure out what's doing what and some of it is just...really difficult to tell if it's working.


Oh, the ones that give Visitation Rights, or new Locations, or inform you of things also don't seem to do anything??? Regina VIII, Regina X, Regina I all don't seem to do anything.


I have no idea how my astrology skill actually effects the things I get either.

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Lore one is apparently working, because I definitely should not have the Lore for Bond of Stars VII when I haven't raised my familiar's bond at all. So maybe it's just the location one that's broken??

Visiting rights might be working but there is no way to track whether you have visiting rights that I know of.

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While I'm flagging up trivial typos:

From the Outing "Actually, it is a proper staring contest if one side lacks eyes with which to stare?". Should be "Actually is it...?"


Edit: and the followup one (the one which helpfully has "win or end adventure" in the title) has "the markup it worth it" in its main text - should be "... is worth it" of course

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