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A musical mage


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Hiya all, I'm looking for suggestions on what to focus on for my little new musical mage.


From early on he's been in the care of a family friend rather than his actual parents, this friend was a theatre owner and oversaw a lot of the actual going-ons there. Naturally my little mage has learned a thing or two; Acting, dancing, various musical instruments.

His main objectives as given to him from his parents are getting into the good graces with the rich and keeping the magic studies up.



His key stats are currently:

Dance 7

Theatre 6

Music 10 (most instruments and voice at 10)

Acting (the espionage thing) only 3 so far.



My question is, what should I focus on now? I gave him the Vilhuelan background so I am thinking incantation and some personal skills. I also need to befriend rich people I feel. I've begun on some teachers and a few of the new students (I'm curious ^^) but any suggestions?


Thanks in advance!




I am playing him a bit like he was shunned by the divine, so I'm not allowed to train religion (*waves goodbye to Cleance and Remake*), and his parents' wish that he should befriend people have left him a bit jaded. He will make "friends" but he might not actually be much of a friend himself so I am keeping his Befriend scores a bit limited, not that it matters much in the long run, but still.

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Glamour for one-man stage play. Conjure a dozen illusion dancers and illusional orchestra.


Good graces with the rich might need Aesthetics, a couple of choice social skill (Flattery, Conversation, Gossip, etc.)

, Bureaucracy, Civil, Composure, Confidence, Cosmetics, Court Fashion, Court Hairstyle, Famous Songs, Famous Poetry, Famous Prose, Perfumes, Politics.


You can skip court and law/politic stuff if you don't care about fame. Although the richest people usually hang around court events.

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Athletics. Dancing is tiring work, especially a continuous dance for a big theatre show that lasts half an hour, and good old-fashioned running/swimming really helps build up some endurance (which, funnily enough, ingame is a completely different skill entirely).

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Hehe, thanks everyone!

I had originally planned to rival Katja, but I am glad someone else suggested it (- makes me seem less mean)!

- and I'll be sure to boost my aesthetics, court fashion and court hairstyle. You just don't arrive poorly dressed at these sort of things. Also some famous songs and poetry is always useful, for both mingling or performing really. And of cause etiquette to avoid those nasty slip-ups.



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