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Four Roses Writer Club


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The history tells that the Four Roses Writer Club was formed by a former Acedemagica clique of 3 Hedi and 1 Avila student who had a common hobby in writing short storys.

By now this club have established good connections to some book publisher and so the members of this club can write storys as ghost writer or copy books to earn money.

The base of this club is a old abandoned class room they have filled with all kind of pictures of strange creatures and places for writing and copying texts.

Just visiting this place inspire you to new great story's and give you a +2 in storytelling as long you stay there.

You also can act as ghost writer if your Storytelling is high enough you can earn 50 pims at the cost of 1 Stress and you also can improve some of your skills in Calligraphy, Grammar or Rhetoric.

Copying books is boring work but someone have to do it, it earns you 20 pims and might even improve your Calligraphy.


To get a invitation to this club one either have to start writing a book or find this classroom but to be accepted one have to pass a test of Storytelling.


Passive Ability when visiting the location +2 Storytelling

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I also love the idea, for always hoping there will be some more places and adventures about writing, singing or painting in Academagia. I like the name of club too.


I became curious if there is already an action or ability to write a book. : )

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