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The pain, the panic, the want to be extremely angry and cross with my game, but studied too much sync and dispassion to do it! (haha, joooookezzzzz)


But seriously, I need some help.


Okay, SO, last night after playing into the wee hours of the morning (again) I saved my game, and then I closed my laptop and put it down. I didn't exit out of my game, and I hadn't done that in the last... two days I should say, and nothing happened. Today, when I opened my laptop to get down to some serious wizarding, the game was acting weird. I couldn't click anything, and it was making the tell-tale *ding, something is wrong with me, DING* noise. So I started the task manager and ended the program as forcefully and tyrannically as possible.


However, now when I start up the game and try to load up that save, this message pops up, twice. "System error occurred. Application will be terminated." The first time it appears and I press okay my save keeps loading like nothing. Then five seconds later it appears AGAIN, but this time when I click okay it actually is terminated!


Does this mean my save is corrupted and I have to start over? D}= I'm asking because if I load up a save from the beginning of the game it loads up fine. Is there any possible way to fix this also? I'm in the middle of Nivelos, I've done so much! *sob sob*.


Thanx in advance for everyone's help!

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You restarted your computer right? And checked in task manager to make sure no academagia files are open? Cause if you play with music on sometimes a file will still run and you have to check under prosseses.

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