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I think the Legate once said that the more detentions you've had before the more likely the teachers are to give you more because you've attracted their attention. So if you plan to skip classes a lot it's slightly worse.


You've ever been reprimanded without detention?

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Yes, I've been Reprimanded without Detention a few times.


I think the description of composure and such mentions that it might help against getting detentions.


Maybe it's also a factor of how much the professor likes you. I think the Detentions are handed out by the Professors with a low relationship to my character.


I'm thinkign that process and code is hidden just like Glory and other values and functions.

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It's a small chance, but it improves as you improve the Relationship. 10 is the highest, but it's still very unlikely they'll overlook the offense.

It would be interesting to get a chance to use you composure and Lie and Character and other things like Bluff and fake permits atemt to weasel your way out of trouble.


You pick one then go with it and see how it goes. Even if the chance would be small it would be an interesting mechanic. If nothing else as a way of not losing the relation ship point with the professor if you suceed.

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I doubt the professors would care. The Academagia's rules are more draconic than the Draconic laws were, especially when it comes to giving students detention.


You should have read the stuff I posted on my Dad's old grammer school - the profs at Academagia are soft as heck, his lot would have detention causing vitality damage...


Possibly also a chance of a skill-up in the prof's favoured skill but definitely a stress or vitality hit too.

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