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Summer Vacation Plans

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So I got to thinking.. The wait for Y2 is over halfway over (hopefully ;))


So I started planning on what my character is to do before he returns to the Academy.



...Since I never picked a special background my character is from Mineta. and will probably chill out there. I think travel time will be pretty important, and (advanced) Gates mages may or may not have an advantage here...


Tuition. I don't know how important that will be over the summer but unless you picked the wealthy background I am kinda suspecting some time will be dedicated to earning cash for that. I don't think we'll have to cough up the *full* amount as our Legate says its heavily subsidized but I don't think entirely.


Relationships. I have pretty good relationships with key instructors and 'ol mousey Emilia. I'll send a few letters to them but I'm no social butterfly. I'll dedicate maybe a weekend to writing them, tops.


The one Y1 skill I really never get around to raising is the Palettes subskill. In part this is because of the games ambiguity over how related to palettes this particular subskill is, and also in part because of the higher training modifiers, so that's something I intend to focus on.


Mastery and Gates? should I train them more? that's a darn good question and I am very liable to do so now that my most recent playthrough on DLC 16 had me acquire a level of 4 on them. juuust enough to say it wasn't an accident if I get caught so I think I'm going to try for a skill level of 9-10 by vacation's end.


Familiars. I love my ghost familiar, Pammy, but I don't see teaching her more than a level of 2 in the pillars if even that.(and seriously. She was a wizard in training, where's her über magic skillz0rz? :()


Adventures. Unless there's a real juicy one or two I don't expect to do many in summer break, but maybe the writers will surprise me. I hope I don't get too carried away.


apart from that. I should hope we will know what classes we plan to take before we actually start Y2 and it's summer break but I for one am pretty confident that I meet any prerequisites for Y2s main pillar classes which, of course, will be my focus. potion-making and artifice be damned! (Though in all likelihood I may pick up a level or 2 in the course of the school year that is not the spirit of this post.)


So what are you guy's (and gal's) plans for Y2? any insight to share on possible hurdles to overcome?


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I think Pamela was an Academic catastrophy, that's probably how she died. Just look at her adventure... I doubt she learned much before she managed to get herself killed. Which is why she's completely lacking in magical knowledge, what little she might have known is likely long forgotten.


I'm looking forward to some family adventures, events and to show off all my students new skills! And playing around with my familairs, most of them Hawks ;)


Hopefully there will be several different things going on when you get home so that you get to play around with your skills.


Also, if possible I wouldn't mind getting started on checking out some of the stuff that might be part of next year skillsets and activities at the Academagia.

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I've had students who wound up acting as if actual lessons were just an impediment to learning to be got out of the way so that the real studying could start...


The only impact I can see summer having on my students is that they prsumably lose access to the school campus so would do more adventures (to find loot to support a room at an inn) and sphinxing every moment she had to share.

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My current main, Nari, will likely have to go home for the summer all the way down south to Dona Vittoria and aplease his rich merchant parents. With luck though he will be sent off to some summer camp so he won't have to stand for the constant nagging.


He actually made quite a few friends so maybe he can, if he gets lucky and his savings doesn't get confiscated, visit one of his friends, though he doubts that will happen.


He will likely spend some time, if it is reasonable, training his familiar, something he regrets neglecting during the first year, but a lot of things were on his mind at the time.


He has vowed to try to work on his Strength too in the summer, so as to not to be seen as a weakling by the others.

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Astrology is most likely the school of Time, with time pheme being an astrology one afterall. In a way, to time travel is to rewrite fate, since fate and destiny are very real on Academagia settings.


Gates magic may have something to do with it, since in a lot of movies/books you usually time travel by entering some kind of portal, and portals are Gates magic related i suppose.


So these two seems the most likely pillars to help in that.

It's been suggested Astrology and Gates don't work well together, no idea tbh. I had this idea that maybe you could use Astrology to cancel out some of the bad luck and random factor of your gates spells. Even if it isn't perfect, the idea would be that you could mitigate some of the issues. But I've been told it doesn't work that way.


Showing off all your skills and what you've learned to your family, and possibly friends at home seems like it could be interesting. There will surely be other opportunities aswell now that you don't have school timetables to adhere to.

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You are right, i do remember a post of the Legate saying that, historically, they dont mix well, but it was a response to a post if Astrology " good luck " kind of spells could prevent the chaos factor. The team have they own explanation about the Curse and just using astrology to cover the chaos factor would be too easy or not very interesting so that's why i believe.
Relationships - maybe write i few letters to the Regent and the Legate. Also Polisena; i do think she might be a romance option at some point, too soon for year two , but will keep some good relation since she a professor anyway.
Mastery and Gates - if anything, Gates, and even that is not decided. I do plan to have a Char with 10 glory or more, it may bring * glorius * things storywise, instead of the actual chance of sucess we get in year one. the downside its that with many eyes on my char, more chances people knowing he learned forbidden magic, so i may end up letting Gates aside.

Personally I suspect that the CF itself messes up Astrology moreso than Gates itself, specifically so that you can't Luck you way out of getting hit by it. Maybe if the CF doesn't show Astrology and Gates get along nicely, but don't quote me on that.


Pretty sure professors won't be romantic options. Like, ever.


If you want to have Gates fun with the whole family choose The Secret Heritage as well as the Secrets and Silence background. That certainly can't go wrong in any way.

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I have my own theory about why Astrology and Gates don't mix well. I suspect that Astrology too has a random factor of some sort as hinted by the Astrology Action .


Altough the randomness of Astrology is nowhere as catastrophic as the one in Gates. Mixing the two can give some "suprising" results by multiplying the chaos probability.

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