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How exactly to install DLC 16 correctly


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I managed to install it correctly when it was released, and I know the instructions must still be there somewhere but I can't seem to find it. After finally installing Windows 8.1 it seems my install of Academagia is ruined for some reason so I'm reinstalling.


Problem is, I know I'm supposed to install the downloaded file from DLC 16 AND that the patch version was outdated so I had to combine it with the old (newer) patch. An easy solution was posted by a forum member but I can't remember by who or where.


Has the DLC been re-released with the correct patch or is this still necessary?


If I were to download CP3 & 128, then copy all files except those in the mod folder into my game folder after installing DLC 16, that'd be the correct solution right?


Maybe it should be made into a sticky I can't fathom how a new player would ever figure that out.

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