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How do rolls work?


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ModTools shows the main adventure (pirate) 02 having the option:

Acting. Roll: Charm + Acting vs. threshold of 6


My Acting is 2.

My Charm is 20, 10 base without equip/emotion/clique/spell bonuses


The option is blue.


Since charm+acting = 12 if we go conservative and ignore the bonii (if so, why even have them?),

shouldn't the option be so green that it starts lobbying against GM crops, global warming and tar sands?


So how do they work?

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1/2 Familiar skill up to a maximum of 1/2 of your Familiar's Bond skill, I don't know if it rounds up or down.


BTW, that option is blue for you because you only have a...~90% chance of succeeding on the roll. The only time an option is green is when you cannot fail on the roll, or when there isn't a roll to fail.

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I see..


So the high 20s threshold rolls will nearly always be blue? I can't see how to practically raise a subskill to 30 or even 25 even with equips.


Is the only way to use spells for those hard final adventure steps? Pheme stacking?

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If you want a near 100% chance to make the roll then yes you have to get your skill very high (the spell Revision of Skills can help here a lot).

But given the hidden bonus you can gain trough the game you might even make it trough purple checks from time to time.

Keep in mind that because of the hidden modifications even a green check might fail, but this is very, very rare.

For this game the player saying "save often and keep different save files " is especial true so you can go back.

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From Novice to Master (Spell), Intense Focus (Spell) if you either don't have Revision or can't assemble all the Phemes, and Animalistic Empathy (Action) for when you go through your Familiar adventure. For Pheme buffing there's 6th Finger (Spell) along with Enhance (Pheme).


And if all else fails, there's Cleanse and Remake (Spell). Some might dispute that CaR is the "last" resort as opposed to the "first" resort, but I prefer to rely on From Novice to Master.

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