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Noble or Royal Sudents


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I fear we have to wait till year 2 to see what Station: Nobility together with different wealth level mean.

But I think that the player is actual the son or daughter of some Noble that have a large province under control if the player also took Station: Wealthy.

If the player didn't take any money background at all the player's family have no land at all and is just a insignificant side arm in the family tree of a noble family.

It get even worse if the player took Tutoring: Grifter as then most likely the title is a fake!

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Well it could be the case that noble titles would be similar to that of Dune where most do not care what their title is called as long it is a noble one. That or noble titles are granted by the Emperor and there is not emperor so everyone is stuck with their original titles despite barons seizing more power than they should have. That said though Schwarzbart you may have a point. I think that the wealthy station is perhaps the main branch of a successful family. Of course not picking money background could mean that the family is a cadet branch with minor holdings, or the only thing they have left is their name and some piece of land that is worthless.

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"Descended of Royalty without Station: Nobility suggests either that you're descended from a cadet branch of the family that lost or voluntarily forfeited its titles or that you're descended from a royal bastard who never had a title to begin with but was sufficiently famous to be recognized and remembered.  You've grown up in a family line that means a lot to the family itself, but you didn't and don't necessarily enjoy elevated status in various courts and you're not likely to be sought out as an aristocratic marriage partner unless you bring a lot of wealth or personal accomplishment to the table.

Descended of Royalty with Station: Nobility means you're of a genuinely exalted bloodline and are likely to be invited to parties at one of Catherine's family's palaces at some point, even if the Chards and your family have been feuding for a century and a half."


Interesting info from the Legate that fit in this topic

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