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Random Event group brainstorming


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So I had a random thought about a stick, and wrote the main text of a random event based on it.


I can't think of any good way to write exits for it so I thought I'd post it and see what exits you guys could think of it. If we get enough, maybe the legate will add it to DLC 17. Should be humorous... ;)


You're just minding your own business in the hallway, when all of a sudden...


"Hey you guys!" Zorzi screams at a group of students next to you.


"We're not all 'guys'. What do you want this time, Z?" Says a slightly-annoyed Katja.


"Look what I created!" He yells while running up to them, producing.... something... from a leather case he had strapped to his shoulder.


"It's a stick." Alan observes.


Actually, you think, that was not your first impression of the object in Galea's hands. It's more like he took a branch from the most twisted and ugly tree that ever existed and then performed some sort of magic on it to straighten it, but it somehow backfired, causing it to spontaneously combust, and what you see before you is the remnants stuck together with cheap glue.


Zorzi, ever the energetic one, prompty corrects him enthusiastically. "Not just any stick! It's a Rimbal Stick!"


"Um, Zorzi.. Rimbal doesn't use sticks." <random kid> says.


"It will after people see what this baby can do!" Zorzi says, undeterred. "My place on the team is assured after I show this to Regent Massioti!"


Alan is quick to counter. "But Rimbal is magical! A stick defeats the purpose of it, you'd just be fouling the ball!"


But Zorzi will have none of it. He quickly takes out his wand and incants a simple looking rimbal. "See!? Look what it can do!" and with a simple wave of the Rimbal Stick, the rimball begins to violently shake and then darts around literally destroying everything it comes in contact with. Plants, lockers, even pillars supporting the roof! It finally zig-zags through all the windows, making neatly shaped Rimbal-shaped holes in them before finally coming to a stop in the middle of the hall, vibrates so badly it drills into the floor a bit, and shoots upward like a rocket clear through the ceiling.


"Oops." says Zorzi Galea.


You can see daylight through the multiple holes the poor Rimbal bored through before reaching the sky. You aren't an expert on flying rimbals but you're pretty sure it has a better chance to meet the old gods than to land on solid ground within your lifetime.


Do you:

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Temperance investigation to ask Zorzi what that was all about, since I imagine he'd normally need a minute to process that sudden display, and use the +CoS% to try and Persuade the inevitable professor to spare Zorzi a little if I can, but priority goes to making sure said professor knows that it was in no way whatsoever my fault.


Other options are Sleight-of-Hand to try and pickpocket the Stick Of Unrestrained Destruction from Zorzi in the confusion, using either Negation or knowledge of Enchant to try and determine what the stick is and whether it can cause the opposite effect (which is to say waving magic glue to put everything back together), and probably a few other things.

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