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Steam achievement suggestion for Academagia


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I just want to remind that we already have not to few complains that the achievement  are to much work to gain in year 1 and then we suggest now achievements that need players to have 2 different games?! I really hope BCS is not implementing achievement that need 2 different games although I'm sorry for all the thought some of us put into them.

@Rhialto Please keep in mind that Year 2 is supposed to be a stand alone game, although you can import you save files from year 1 with a external tool! That why I think all you suggestions that need something in year 1 for a Year 2 achievement should have a extrem low chance to make it. (beside that I don't think it will be easy for the achievement check of year 2 to see if something was done in year 1 because most of the data of year 1 will be removed by the external import tool or BCS wouldn't need such a step)

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When Two Rabbits Run Together, the Doe can Scarcely be Distinguished from the Buck: While a female student in the Schohanwicht School, have affection with Lambert Cobo.

Many Beauties, Two Destroyers of Kingdoms: Be a female Hedi Student with a Mastery level of at least 12 who has completed the Triplets' Y2 adventure and Sima Venesico's Y2 adventure.

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...Maybe I should avoid any Sixth Street: Have Affection with Sima Venesico while having completed her Y2 adventure and the Triplets' Y2 adventure. [This is a reference to the dream magic casted from 6th Street by a spurned lover in Genji Monogatari].

Why are you here? Go to Contu's if you want to succeed!: Have a vendetta with Prudence Cossins.


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Its just my opinion but if we do 1 character - npc affection or love achievement we need it for all the other NPC that allow this kind of relationship with the player as well. 

With the number of NPC student in Academagia this probably become to many so maybe its better just to have general achievement for:

- Love triangle

- male with male

- female with female

- female with male

- male with female

- break up with your best friend

instead of one for each NPC.

The other reason for limit it this way is that after year 2 it is planed that we no longer will have the full NPC pool of students at game start.

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On 1/5/2021 at 12:47 AM, Legate of Mineta said:

Yeah, there could be some Achievements you're completely locked out, simply because they exiting the University.

With all due respect, I see no reason why this should mean that achievements should not exist. Many of my favourite video games have achievements which are locked out in some playthroughs - including Academagia itself, with its colleges.

In any case, the achievement which I suggested is for Y2 - by which time I hope that there will be a relatively easy way to get affection with Beatrix.

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The problem is more we will hitting 300+ Achievement's just relationship related in Y2 if we go with such suggestions while for year 3 they need to cut down to maybe 20 because otherwise with a bit bad luck need 5-10 game restart just to have the right NPC in game for the achievement you want to reach.

And yes there where not to few complains about needing to play trough so many games to get the Achievements of Y1! (I wasn't one of them)

If you give a good reason why Beatrix von Wetgen need to have this achievement and the rest of the NPC students not then I'm fine with such a achievement otherwise we or BCS need to make it for the other students as well!!!!!

(Bloating the adventures and events increase the replayability of a game while bloating the achievements end in frustration from all I know)

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@Schwarzbart: I propose these achievements as a player who loves playing Academagia multiple times, and wishes that more of the things which I, as a player, regard as achievements were recognized as achievements by the game. Steam achievements are, as I see it, only suggestions about how to play the game - and hints about possible strategies and outcomes. Due to my physical disabilities, many Steam achievements in certain games which I enjoy (the Total War franchise) cannot be completed by me - so I have never seen getting 100% completion of achievements as essential.

The Team is free to reject or accept all of my suggestions, but suggesting them is for me an interesting process.

As for why Beatrix von Wetgen should have such an achievement, with such a name, the reasons are several in my opinion. A love poem, attributed to Shakespeare, opens with the line, "It was a lording's daughter, the fairest one of three," and Academagia Y1 has three female students (Miya Hikari, Gwendy Zuyder, and Beatrix von Wetgen) who are (in Miya's case, allegedly) daughters of lords and associated with archery (Beatrix and Gwendy are said to compete with each other in archery in the archery research chain, and Miya's adventure in Y1 involves an option to train her in archery). Beatrix is is having the palest hairs (brown rather than black) of these three characters and is the kindest, so I thought that an allusion to her kind temper and paler hair which would allude to Shakespeare's poem (while also serving as a hint about her nobility) would be interesting. @Legate of Mineta, do you like my reasoning?

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