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What do your characters do for fun?


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Does anyone happen to have characters who do things that otherwise aren't completely beneficial?


My favorite character thus far- Lilette d'Avalon of Avila

Practices at the Archery Range

Races/Watches races at the Chyte Fields

Preforms with the Maestringer


Dances at the Old Columbina Hall

Visits the Spinning Gerbil


Archer, Riding, and Dancing don't really do much in game, but I like to max them out. I also try and get Acting up as high as I can too (if I've time, which Avila students generally have) so she can totally rock the Maestringer.

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Actually, although I imagine that while my character gets the most stimulation on adventures, he probably enjoys the challenge of digging up Gates and Mastery knowledge from various sources.

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One of my Godina characters, Ceryx Yavone, liked to play twinsies with Cirillo Laziosi. He pretty much copied whatever skills Cirillo had and hung out with him constantly. A little crazy now that I think about it.


I also like to raise all of my aesthetic skills and acting as well. My charries tend to be either evils-in-training, or pompous-booty-knickers.

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My chaps tend to adventure in between hitting the books. I tend to try maxing out brewing, smithying, dueling and a few other random things in addition to the standard spell skills.


I've never done much exploring, which is probably for the best given some of the things lurking outside the gates.

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