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Finally played through; error reports


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I recently took the time to play through the book after a first attempt that put me off for a while. I'm sure I cheated on a few rules I didn't understand, I fudged my stat rolls and I had to skip the last fight, but I finally made it through on the third run. I must admit I never expected it to be so challenging or crunchy, but I did appreciate the story and its scope.


That said, I noted some typos and other errors as I was playing through. I made sure that they weren't already fixed in the PDF.

Typo on Greenshine Item: "Self Poision/3 Rounds" (Poison)

Typo on page 8 (Morale Actions): "combat role" (roll)
Typo at 1: "how much many copper coins" (-much)
Typo at 251: "you can tell you the story" (-you)
Typo at 19: "he changes the topic and to your own background" (-and)
Typo at 53: "The techniques they were discussion" (discussing)
Typo at 801: "You and also go" (can)
Typo at 428 "through they still eye you" (though)
Typo at 1175: "If you call the strange forth, go to 1045" (stranger, paragraph number is not bolded as it should)
Typo at 1081: "bearing down on your" (you)


In Ships of the Damned, it's not immediately clear that you actually gain the cutlass and the treasure (mechanically at least) compared to the usual item gains in the core book (they're not stated outright in bold type). I initially missed the table on the last page and only realized after I returned from the adventure that I had gained nothing from it although I should have had the chest. And then I realized I was probably supposed to have the cutlass too although it was only said to have fallen to the deck, since it's never mentioned anywhere else but features in the Appendix.


77 should just send you on to 142 since that's your only choice anyway after returning to 19, and re-reading the paragraph is useless.


990's Claw is "3 Initiative/Round." I think it should say "1 Round," but why not simply say -3 Initiative?


The effects of Slow are never explained. I treated it as damage...


The inventory table alternates between Head and Helm for what the introduction calls the helmet slot.


There are two items called Fire Oils, with different stats.


Do identical items stack or use individual slots (e.g. Healing Kits)?


Can you buy an Enchantment from a Merchant if you're not a Forgecrafter? Can they be applied to any item?


Fortifying Rations grant 5 Defense (temporary, adventure). Do you lose 5 Defense at the end of the adventure? Even if you've taken 5 or more damage during the adventure?


If your Max Defense increases, do you also increase your current Defense? Does it depend on whether you're at full Defense or not?

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