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The Weasel


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So fare its just a idea for a year 2 adventure ... here put together in a vew words:


A weasel familiar is stealing things form different students and also from the player.

The owning year 1 Morvidus student find the behaviour of his familiar strange and is also wondering why he can't form a bound to the familiar.

After some fruitless tests to find out why binding don't work it turns out the weasel is actual the shapeshifted uncle from this Student who try to escape pursuit. The stolen materials are needed to fix the protalstone the shapeshifter want to use for a more lasting escape

The weasel have some tattoo magic on its legs that glow for short moment when activated i.e. one glamour that make it invisible with everything it carry around and a other to let it fly.


after this unexpected turn of Events the player have 3-4 choices


1) Turn the shapeshifter in to the Captain of Mineta (what means the death to what the player got told)

2) Turn the shapeshifter in to the Legate what for sure will end in something better then 1) for the shapeshifter

3) Help the shapeshifter repair the gatestone (this might add the "stench" of gatemagic to the player)

Maybe even 4) (Aranaz only) Turn the shapeshifter in to Prof. Ruprecht


No matter the choice the uncle will return in a later year but if it was 1) as enemy otherwise more or less friendly.

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The Weasel 01


Requirement (Player or clique) Manmals 12 or Player Study Mastery Zoology Y1 or Player Y2 Zoology Study 8 or Player is Morvidus Student


You just want pack your things together for the next class when you spot that a important object for the class assignment is missing!

Ist now the 3th time within a few days that something from your room is missing!

What makes it worse this time its something from you.

Enough is enough someone have to do something about the thief and this someone will be you!


1) Sleuthing look for clues

Roll Ins + Sleuthing vs 18


2) Astrology: Ask the stars for advice

Roll Int + Astrology vs 12


3) Traps: Set up a trap

Roll Luck + Traps vs 20


4) Familiar Observation: Ask your familiar if it spot something

Req.: Bound > 5 and mobile familiar

Roll Familiar Luck+Observation vs 12


(Reason for the wide Variation of rolls is that the weasel is carfull but not protected against astology and a bit carless toward other familiar)

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