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Canadian Pride!

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Wanted to say many thanks for the Avro Arrow information that I didn't even know. We Canadians are just too shy to even support our own pride that I'm doing all the digging that what 'Shirogane' mentioned is much welcomed. Hearing more goodies is awesome. Can you understand why I'm frustrated all the time? Maybe not :rolleyes: . I'm seeing a rise in Polish pride and I'm happy they're getting their pride also. Hopefully we'll see the 3 or 5 Belles on their side so they can continue being proud. Also having a friend whom is Polish makes hearing about Polish all the more worthwhile & unique. That, and I have Slovak types so there's these funny connections to be had & made. Ah, the gorgeous variety, ones you never hear because of another I kept harping about hogging the spotlight. And it's amusing to note that the movie is half right & half wrong. It still happened, just in a 'twisted' manner. :D




Not wanting to attack or be hostile again, I came here to post this:


HMCS Haida - [Warship Girls]


She is indeed a loli ship with a neat design. The Chinese even went playful with her by giving her a patriotic string panties which made me laugh, yet made me feel guilty because of her being a loli. Don't do this to me (jailbait). Yuudachi (KanColle) or even Bismarck body (KanColle), just not a loli body which makes everything a guilt trip all around. I'm still loving the serious Haida tribe cape, as with the smooth RCMP type uniform. The hat also, now that I see 'First Nations' references of Haida. RCMP Haida Tribe mixture. Chinese went a bit too playful that they screwed around by adding RCMP. That, and I'm still seeing a [Kill La Kill - Senketsu] type design on her chest area of her RCMP uniform. I just can't unsee it.


- Haida: Clean art:



- Haida's damage art [NSFW Jailbait]



That Canadian string panties just makes me laugh, if in a "guilty jailbait" manner. She has that smooth stern also which just....again, jailbait & absolute conflicted feelings. If it was on Yuudachi's Kai ni form then it be less guilty, but wow......They sure had their fun designing Haida that it's both serious & comically amusing at the same time.




HMCS Saguenay - Surreal feeling:


I've also been thinking about HMCS Saguenay that I STILL can't believe a Canadian has been added onto the roster. Seeing her in the bingo card is also surreal that I STILL can't believe it's real. It's that much of an issue because of what you guys told me of how "small", "minor", and etc, and why Canadians aren't in the game. Constantly being told, and even at times guilt tripped into not being allowed to connect to her. Struggling to play them in every other game just makes me feel like minority that seeing HMCS Saguenay, even imagining her card, is absolutely surreal. Probably lost within these 7 pages, yet having struggled to play as Canadians in any game that it's just odd finally being able to pick Canadians, even still stuck as something minor.


The emotions & feelings I'm experiencing right now is hard to put into words because every other Belle is handed to people, mostly the USN ones, that it's a feeling not experienced unless you're in the minor nation zone. I'd bet those wanting to learn about Polish, Turkey, and even Dutch struggle with such. The ones constantly denied, yet wanting to play with their nation also in major games. That feeling of 'exclusion', then suddenly accepted, at least in a 'Token Role'. Example being seeing your friends eat Chinese food, yet you're being given a reason why you can't eat such so you never do. They finally allow you, after many months, that it just feels weird.


I guess I now know how it's like when dark skinned people feel when they see their race characters in cartoons/Anime/games. I'm still processing this because, damn....Even seeing Haida for Warship girls....Seriouslly, what the hell happened that someone would focus on Canadians in war games after all the excuses & guilt tripping one would have to endure. Granted, I was hostile, but that's because a void had to be filled in. It feels wrong after what feels like being beaten & whipped by people to finally connect to something Canadian. Again, KanColle was a major spark which allowed me to research RCN related vessels, disappointed I couldn't see their RPG side of things.


But yeah, everything feels surreal on both Victory Belles & Warship girl side. Even seeing your own city of Ottawa on TV feels weird. I guess one has to suffer the lacking in choice to understand why it went to 7 pages. :rolleyes:

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I understand your views and frustrations :(. Contribution to the victory over the The Kriegsmarine Polish Navy on the high seas continues in western countries, is a diminished and sentenced to oblivion. Although the Polish sailors fought on all the seas of the Second World War and shed their blood. Allies gave Poland under the rule of Soviet Union. Who invaded my country 17.09.1939 :(. The memory of the exploits of Polish sailors are forgotten and reduced to the Allied countries. A good example is the fight destroyer ORP Piorun of the battleship Bismarck for one hour! ORP Piorun found missing Bismarck by the British fleet and steered him to the Royal Navy. For 25 minutes between Biscmarck he fought with Piorun shooting at each other!

Meanwhile, the British programs on television and in the world. This fight is forgotten and diminished.


Only 25 years after the fall of communism in Poland are fighting for the image of the West. Although the big neighbor to the east Russia believes that we started the second war and no invaded Poland :rolleyes: . You Canadians are doing great deals for its history. Maybe someday we will see in the game more Canadian and Polish ships :) .


Maybe I should set up a page on the Polish navy ;) ?

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Oh! This is something I want to learn more about because it's something you never hear about. It's always focused in one direction that we need more 'pov'. I want to see/hear this source of ORP Piorun, as well as see her in Victory Belles so we can learn about this more in detail. With the mention of Bismarck this has me even more curious that I'd love to hear more all around. You just had me happy with joy hearing ORP Piorun had fun messing with Bismarck for an hour, or so. Yeah, go ahead and make a Polish thread with various goodies. This is awesome! Yeah, the Allied Nations (major ones) threw major fits when it came to us Canadians, and even Dutch, out-performing the Americans and British. It's both hilarious and highly disrespectful that it goes back to amusing that Canadians did all the hard work in Italy with USA stealing the credit there, and Dutch in the naval side of things by outscoring both USA & UK combined throughout the whole war, even homeless at that! Have other people do the hard work with the majors stealing the glory. Very sarcastically respectful :P Yet, I can still respect the British because they still had that air of formalities around them in places.


Hopefully, yet we're now starting to see people dipping fragmented pieces of both Canada & Polish units into games, even this one. It's awesome seeing ORP Blyskawica in 'World of Warships' that the Polish can pride themselves in their own navy. Even twinned with HMCS Haida as a museum ship. Variety is what I seek, and variety is what I'm getting in 'Victory Belles', and the mention of me being pushy & demanding is viewed as justified on my end to fill in a necessary void needing to be patched up :). If it ever happens, I'd love to see at least ORP Blyskawica in KanColle, yet similar to Canadians, being a slim chance.


Yeah, go ahead. Go make a Polish navy thread because I'm eager to learn more, more so in bias with my friend having a Polish background. It however bugs me I can't jump on 'Warship Girls' on a whim to meet the loli-jailbait HMCS Haida because it requires you to jump hurdles like KanColle. Not even sure if it'll be worth it, but hey. I guess this is why we have Victory Belles. Makes me curious how many Polish girls we'll see.

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Maybe I should set up a page on the Polish navy ;) ?


Please don't, this thread is dead enough and we already have a minor nation navies thread.



Oh! This is something I want to learn more about because it's something you never hear about. It's always focused in one direction that we need more 'pov'. I want to see/hear this source of ORP Piorun, as well as see her in Victory Belles so we can learn about this more in detail. With the mention of Bismarck this has me even more curious that I'd love to hear more all around. You just had me happy with joy hearing ORP Piorun had fun messing with Bismarck for an hour, or so. Yeah, go ahead and make a Polish thread with various goodies. This is awesome! Yeah, the Allied Nations (major ones) threw major fits when it came to us Canadians, and even Dutch, out-performing the Americans and British. It's both hilarious and highly disrespectful that it goes back to amusing that Canadians did all the hard work in Italy with USA stealing the credit there, and Dutch in the naval side of things by outscoring both USA & UK combined throughout the whole war, even homeless at that! Have other people do the hard work with the majors stealing the glory. Very sarcastically respectful :P Yet, I can still respect the British because they still had that air of formalities around them in places.



I'd like to see your reputable sources that actually confirm that the Dutch outscored the US & UK combined, and that Canada won Italy.



And I'd like to add Canada's tally on land, sea, and air to that of the glorious home islands, because Canada was not a sovereign country until 1982. :P:P


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Well, he can do both by either posting in 'Minor navy thread', or making a new thread focused purely on Poland. It's fine either way. As for it being dead is because of the mood. I was told to post in other threads, and I've been doing that before I was told that with others not posting. People only pop in during drama, or the arrogance of knowledge in those KS Updates. I guess it would be playful knowledge stuff, yet from my POV it's just information fighting that there's no fun in it. I'm off put by it that I keep away. Friend even questions me why I keep following Victory Belles that I have to wonder also, yet it's for the game itself. I come here for the news & to dump information hoping to improve the game in some manner, if in a blinded way with how youthful this game still is.


As for sources. Follow "ship-a-day Helfrich" and see where that gets you because "Times" blocked that off under a pay subscription. Can't really source things on a whim either. I'd have to go back searching in the manner I have to reconfirm the Trio Prince sisters of their accomplishments, history, and personality in Kanmusu form. Deep searching which I can't really do by constantly retracing steps that it's too tedious.


As for Canadians winning Italy is a combination of Canadians, Italians, New Zealanders, among others with USA there also, yet USA stopped the forces so they could parade into Rome themselves. Check every Italian based WW2 documentary available and you'll see it. If you do want a read then here's [some Canadian accomplishments in Italy]. As for the actual source of USA stopping & stealing the credit is within a documentary long aired on History Channel that I can't make note of. Wish I did, yet never did note it.




Edit: Seems like I can't find the Dutch sinking comment with USA & British telling the Dutch to "chill out". I guess I may never find it again because information is like people with it coming & going in the wind.

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If you think it will be a thread about spamming. Then you are wrong. It will be a thread about the history, battles and ships of Polish Navy. Of course, minor nation navies thread too I will be, I gave. New knowledge does not hurt. I will use source materials from Polish books and magazines marine. To remind contribution to the victory.

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If you think it will be a thread about spamming. Then you are wrong. It will be a thread about the history, battles and ships of Polish Navy. Of course, minor nation navies thread too I will be, I gave. New knowledge does not hurt. I will use source materials from Polish books and magazines marine. To remind contribution to the victory.


It's not about spamming, it's about a lack of content. We don't need another thread with 5 posts that is never touched again. In addition, we already have someplace to put that, so why not just go there?

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Oh, that's depressing. Something worthwhile shut down probably because of lacking interest, funds, or similar that I wish people shall actually give Victory Belles the proper respect it deserves for a lengthened period of time. I hope it continues to have a "friendly rivalry" with KanColle that both shall have a long healthy life. A game called ' Milihime' was pulled to join the likes of 'Busou Shinki: Battle Rondo' from the MMO world in a depressive appearing grave. Such a shame too, because it contained a handful of Canadian tank girls. It had the necessary variety of being awesome, yet it died. RIP.


Milihime Canadian Units:


This just pisses me off because I can't get all curious about this game. That's 5 Canadians! 5 Canadians I can't check out because the game is now dead. RIP. Seeing this simply wants me to pressure BCS to find a way to make Victory belles playable offline also so that you can keep playing even if the server experiences mishaps, or when you can't play the game for internet issues, and such. An offline mode needs to be done. I mentioned this before, and it seems I have to mention it again in paranoid fear for Victory Belles, more so after seeing Milihime having died when I wasn't looking. It's going to happen eventually, for every game.


Oh, I'm going to be so happy when I can finally take command of my Canadian angels. Saguenay being the only one we know of, and one of whom shall keep popping up until Skeena & others join the rank. Hopefully others I mentioned in my listing numerous times over....... Seeing as how I'm denied playing Milihime I really do have to wait till March 2017 to play this game. And yes, my fault for not jumping on earlier, yet I would have felt a much harsher burn by seeing my Canadians poof before my eyes. Well, that's another void needing to be filled because it had an interesting concept of all WW2 units, variety, and etc, something I'm now brainstorming if it would fit with Victory Belles in some manner. Another thought being seeing 'Ace Squadrons' being recruitable/commandable by having Beurling pop up for Canada's land-based air patrols, or some Hellcats for the Americans. Even the Russian "Witches" for keeping their junkers in the air in a form of Russian sexism (Giving female russian troops garbage type old bomber planes) back then, among other types to do dangerous bombing runs. It be interesting.


If we do ever get transport related vessels (troop & tank cargo type thing) I'd be amused if we could visually see various nationalities of vehicle units in the cargo hold. Even being shuttled across the maps, and such. Even seeing them embark & disembark from the vessels to occupy areas, if allowed in a 1940 expansion onward. We are getting land-based air cover so that's where this thought is coming from. I'd be amused to see a Canadian roundel among the WW2 mayhem of Beurling, and others.

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Alright, after having my small mental break down yesterday (most of it kept off the forum) I thought I'd update this thread after poking around with another game having Canadians after having it brought to my attention on this forum. Even though I had the game, I never knew how to get to 'custom battle' to check out the units, yet 'Atlantic Fleet' is now nearly on par with Silent Hunter 3 in fun. The menus felt overwhelming to me that I never did find 'Custom battles', until now. I have yet to do campaign, but we shall see. Many thanks for reminding me that there's Canadians in 'Atlantic Fleet'. Still a few vessels missing, yet something I can have my fun with.


- Atlantic Fleet:



I had the game previously, yet never could smoothly navigate through the menus because of how overwhelming it felt, even if it may be simple now. Finally getting the hang of it that I'm seeing it "1-up" Silent Hunter 3 in the menu & models department, yet still a bit behind. So glad I can also make note of 12 Canadians vessels, some of which are still missing.


Also, respect bonus points for the music. Quite chilling that it made me view the Canadians in a more creepy dark vibe. That was just ominous.

  • HMCS Uganda (CL)
  • HMCS Athabaskan (DD)
  • HMCS Cayuga (DD)
  • HMCS Haida (DD)
  • HMCS Huron (DD)
  • HMCS Iroquious (DD)
  • HMCS Micmac (DD)
  • HMCS Nootka (DD)
  • HMCS Ottawa (DD)
  • HMCS St. Laurent (DD)
  • HMCS Saguenay (DD)
  • HMCS Skeena (DD)
  • HMCS Assinboine (DD)
  • HMCS Restigouche (DD)
  • HMCS Fraser (DD)


  • HMCS Ontario (CL - Minotaur Class)
  • HMCS Prince Robert (AMC/AA)
  • HMCS Prince Henry (AMC/Troop transport)
  • HMCS Prince David (AMC/Troop Transport)
  • HMCS Sackville (Flower Corvette)
  • (Maybe someone shall point out some aircraft carrier & such, yet I'm bias that I want them purely Canadian :P)

It makes me happy, yet so damn close. So close! More than I was expecting, yet so close! I could have had a nice Uganda & Ontario combo rushing the custom battles with the little ones right behind. I'd be amazed if Victory Belles did this kind of roster, yet adding the missing ones themselves.


So, I can now calm my self down, even calm my mental break down (not just over Canadian void; workplace stress, and others) that I can finally be happy that I can finally pick Canadians in these games. NOW it feels like 2016 & gaming going in the right direction in war games. Not games overall, but war games.


So, that's now:

  • Milihime (dead; Needs to be revived; Tanks, jeep types, Beurling, & such)
  • Victory at Sea (You can pick Canadian units under British banner that I had HMCS Haida chasing me & commanded Canadian vessels. Missing the Two Cruisers.)
  • Victory Belles (Canadian Belles being Saguenay, for now. Hoping for now.)
  • Warship Girl (HMCS Haida, yet I can't play this on a whim. I don't know how to)
  • Atlantic Fleet (as shown above, and in custom battle. Even campaign, if you so desire.)

Now, the question is if this list shall grow on the naval side of things. Milihime was more of an air & tank, yet only listed it because it felt felt like a Kanmusu/Belle thing. That's just an awsome feeling seeing more Canadians in naval war games. :wub: And of course, I have issues because of the missing units in Atlantic Fleet. I haven't stumbled across any Polish, Dutch, or any other units. It's now British/American vs the Germans. There's always something. Something. Even so, I finally have something to represent with in a WW2 gaming world that it's awesome.


I wonder if there's any modding.......Haven't really seen much modding. That just now leaves KanColle to add something, if it even wants to.




- Atlantic Fleet images of Canadians:


28151073094_325ebc57f9.jpg[Atlantic Fleet] HMCS Haida by SubTrance, on Flickr


28737233456_308ba580a0.jpg[Atlantic Fleet] HMCS Huron by SubTrance, on Flickr


28691699651_0a1ddc7ae1.jpg[Atlantic Fleet] HMCS Iroquois by SubTrance, on Flickr


28691700361_1d077fd87c.jpg[Atlantic Fleet] HMCS Saguenay by SubTrance, on Flickr


28153765093_3610469620.jpg[Atlantic Fleet] HMCS Skeena by SubTrance, on Flickr


28151152854_cdaffd5c58.jpg[Atlantic Fleet] HMCS Uganda by SubTrance, on Flickr


28737311106_649c9f3965.jpg[Atlantic Fleet] HMCS Uganda by SubTrance, on Flickr


28153819803_caabfbc02b.jpg[Atlantic Fleet] Canadian Line-up by SubTrance, on Flickr


I just love how hard HMCS Uganda hits :wub: That satisfying booming-pop when it hits a target. Yup! Atlantic Fleet just rised up somewhat close to Silent Hunter 3 in the menu & archives portion of the game. Yet wishing it had the 5 missing units in the game, yet this is a major improvement from Silent Hunter 3's official resources. I'm happy!

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The only bad thing about acquiring Haida in WSG is that she's a drop all the way in World 7. I don't like the idea of putting most of the newly added ships (even if they are weak, super common ships like destroyers, eg. HMS Punjabi) in the harder, newer maps.


It's less bullshit and easier than say, trying to acquire Z3 in KanColle, as it's a long quest chain of shit to do:

  • Do a 48 hour sub expedition a total of 4 times.
  • Then do a 2 hour expedition after that. Oh yeah, your subs have to be a very high level for these: flagship must be level 60 and the total sum of levels has to be 200 or more.
  • Then you are handed Z1 after all that.
  • Lastly, pray to the construction RNG that you will get Z3 (and Bismarck), but only if Z1 is your flagship.



Even if you are aiming for one ship in a game (I heard this from several people who started KanColle because one ship spurred them), you might fall in love with other ships along the way. :wub:


I'm stuck in World 6, so no Haida for me just yet.

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If it's compared to KanColle that's going to take so long that we'd have Victory Belles by then (March 2017. I'm still in World 5 for all the distractions & stresses I'm facing, as well as focusing on other KanColle related avenues. I could just wait for VB to command HMCS Saguenay, and hopefully HMCS Skeena if all of people's hatred to me having fun didn't ruin things, even if I am loud about it. Damn. Yeah, that game doesn't seem like something I can pick up on a whim, nor dedicate appropriate time to. Struggling to keep KanColle as my main while finding out Flower KNight Girls, Osawari Island, & Shooting Girl struggling to stay afloat in the background. Too many games & too much stresses to worry about.


I also agree with you how they made HMCS Haida & others difficult to grab, but I guess it gives them a special feeling, just like how it gave Hamakaze, Libeccio, Kawakaze, Isokaze, and such that special "elite" feeling. I spent nearly 2 days grabbing Isokaze from 1-5 when she was available, and 4-5 for Libeccio, or whatever map it was. If there's KanColle logic in WSG then I could spin it as HMCS Haida being given the respect she deserves in status in World 7. :P


And the the Z3/Bismarck quest was rewarding, even if I was cursed by Hyuuga for every second LSC build. Took me 5 (without Hyuuga) to get Bismarck, 10 when you count Hyuuga. And it's true you get attached to others along the way, and it was Yuudachi again from the Pixiv to game. Kiso & Shouhou also. Finding myself enjoying what people hate because that's the way things seem to go with them missing the little things. I wouldn't say it's taste. There's a video on Youtube trying to defend them also, the forgotten ones on the Kanmusu side :rolleyes:




But hey, I at least found a game with Canadians in them to play on an even playing field (in vanilla form) so that makes me happy & more proud. Thanks, Fifrein! This is what should have happened from the get-go, regardless of "small navy", "too British", or "not strong enough". NHL & UEFA games were fun for the little gestures and nods to things, and what makes IL-2 & Silent Hunter 3 fun. They took the time & care to nod. Not sure about the newer sport game examples, yet just happy when a game pays respect in variety & easteregg type thing. The variety of choices. I'm spoiled by them games for variety, and I love them for it. Even Japanese games which have a highly detailed archive system..... All the postings wasn't necessary going against that. All that gaslighting that happened from roughly page 3-7, that's just rotten, but hey. At least I found 'Atlantic Fleet' from Fifrein in another thread *formal bow*. Thanks bud!


Not sure what to do with WSG because that's a troublesome game to get into. Such a tease still. Guess I'll try and ignore it, or something. :mellow:

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Alright, after some KanColle Summer 2016 researching/speculation fun I also stumbled across a few more Canadian warships in 'Atlantic Fleet'. Added three more onto the list of ones you could "probably" make note of for Victory Belles, if BCS approves of them, and etc, etc. It's in the previous postings. A bit embarrassing I missed them.


Also, I guess this might be some common knowledge among the WW2 naval buff crowd, yet I just learned that a bill could have given Canadians three WW1 era Queen Elizabeth Class Battleships, yet we Canadians viewed them as too resource draining across the board. If they had the WW2 mentality they would have snatched it up so fast, or I'd hope, to mess about with Bismarck, Tirpitz, and such.




The Canadian Naval Aid Bill of 1913 intended to provide the funds for three modern battleships, which most likely would have been three more members of the Queen Elizabeth class, potentially named as Acadia,Quebec and Ontario,



HMCS Quebec BB is now HMCS Uganda & then HMCS Quebec light cruiser of the Crown-Colony Class.

HMCS Ontario is a Minotaur light cruiser which turned into a training vessel.

HMCS Acadia - https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/HMCS_Acadia


In an undated 1913 memorandum the First Lord of the Admiralty, Winston S. Churchill, wrote:It is proposed that the 3 Canadian ships, the Malay, and the 5 ships of this year shall also be of this design.

The battleships of the 1913-1914 programme became the Revenge class. The Canadian battleships, to have been built in Britain but paid for by Canada, were never ordered. In November, 1912, the Prime Minister of Canada, Robert L. Borden, had suggested that these three ships might be called Acadia, Ontario, and Quebec.


This next quote explains why We can't have nice things because of them.



The bill was ultimately defeated by the Liberal majority in the Senate in May, 1913.


This also appears to be spread on World of Warships forums, as well as any other, that it has me thinking that this is common sense, as well as of "what if' scenarios, even wondering if we can get "what if" vessels like these in Victory Belles. Paper ships were mentioned, yet I guess this might be a stretch. Even so, it has me both happy & annoyed we didn't acquire these three BBs. With how eager we were during WW2 we would have made use of all three, like we did with grabbing HMCS Uganda, HMCS Ontario, and the very late aircraft carriers. It's either way too early, or way too late.


I now need to play around with a 'What If' scenario in 'Atlantic Fleet' to see how much this would change. Yet, missing HMCS Ontario in the line-up. I also need to once again give a very special big thanks to KanColle for making me aware of this through the 'Queen Elizabeth Class' battleship coming to KanColle. Love this thought. Three WW1 era BB's.




There's more:





With the introduction of the HMS Warspite to World of Warships, it reminded me of the story surrounding the political battle to acquire three Elizabeth-class Battleships for the Royal Canadian Navy.

In 1912, Robert Borden who was the current Prime Minister of Canada, put forward a bill to the House of Commons titled the "Naval Aid Bill" at the request of Winston Churchill who was at that time First Lord of the Admiralty. The purpose of this bill was to primarily to allow Canada to finance the construction of 3 dreadnaughts with a budget of $35 million, which if adjusted for inflation would be equvilant to around $737 million in 2015.

This proposal came very soon after the previous Prime Minister, Sir Wilfrid Laurier, passed the Naval Service Bill of 1910 which resulted in the formation of the Canadian Navy. The Naval Service Bill of 1910 ensured that while the Canadian Navy operated as a separate naval force from the Royal Navy, it would fall under direct British command in a time of war. French Canadian Nationalists and British Canadian Imperialists opposed the bill which lead to the defeat of Laurier's government in the next election. The Bill did give Canada its first naval vessels by being Initially equipped with two former Royal Navy vessels, HMCS Niobe and HMCS Rainbow.

Robert Borden introduced the new Naval Aid Bill in 1912 and was faced with a harsh debate and filibuster from opposition members of Parliament. This resulted in Borden invoking the political tool known as "Cloture" which allowed his government to overcome the roadblock caused by the opposing Liberal party. This was the first time in Canadian history that cloture was used. The Liberals opposed the bill due to the fact that unlike Laurier's previous Naval bill, this one did not intend to build the ships in Canada and was more focused on providing benefits to the UK rather in their attempt to combat the Germans and the growth of their Navy.

The Act was defeated in 1913 when it entered the Liberal controlled senate.

The Contents of the final reading of the Act was as follows.


More in the link above.


This has me all gitty that I want to know more. I want to play with them in a game, yet obviously having to wait, pretend, and etc. :rolleyes: I'm a highly curious person, as you've seen.


>Trio BB "concept/layout" (rough):


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  • 4 weeks later...

Apparently I have a Mexican friend enjoying Canadian military history on Twitter that he's been sharing some. He recently shared HMCS Ontario popping up twice with HMCS Ontario happily docked at Pearl Harbor before heading back to Esquilmault shortly after Japan's surrender of WW2.


- HMCS Ontario:



- HMCS Ontario docked at Pearl Harbour:



- HMCS Ontario Crew:



I really do have to wonder about her role in VB (if any), as well as a KanColle type....If she would be treated as "basic" Tama, Yura, & Kuma character, or something as special Kashima and/or Yahagi level of importance. Or maybe something "funky" as Katori. That is, if Canada is ever considered for KanColle, which again I still have to note as a "miracle".


As for VB, I think I'll be a skeleton then or whichever happens. I'm not familiar with how VB plays so that's still up for speculation. But hey, it's nice seeing my buddies surprisingly tweeting about HMCS Ontario. Maybe the game would have evolved so much that my current foggy vision would be more "educated" postings.


Also, here's the Canadian military twitter from all eras: https://twitter.com/CanadasMilHist


Still a long wait till March 2017, yet wondering if Victory Belles shall even make a good birthday present or not. Making me curious all around.

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  • 2 weeks later...

Ah, other people keep retweeting that it's keeping me in the loop, so I might as well post it here also to let you know that HMCS Haida is going to drydock for repairs after sitting in water for 10-12 years, or so mentioned in the video.


> Tweet to Video:



> Video:



>Retweet I was made aware of:



Haida still commanding respect in a nice manner. I love it :)

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  • 1 year later...

I know you guys hate me that you "half apologized" to me a few years back that you find me toxic, dramatic, among numerous other things you guys labeled me. I was finally happy to see something Canadian then you guys jumped on me after things I may or may not have said to be negative. That feeling when you see something of your nationality just speaks vast volumes that it makes me depressed looking back through all these pages seeing how much we had to needlessly fight over something I should have been enjoying. Games are meant to be enjoyed.....I just wanted to say a few things before disappearing again....... You guys can hate me all you want, shun me all you want, even claiming false lies about insulting you guys (Maybe I have, and I apologies for that), just that I'm the feeling I gain from seeing HMCS Haida in World of Warship speaks volumes.



You guys chewed me out thoroughly that I still feel damaged over it that I'm not happy about how you guys handled that. Maybe I was in the wrong, who knows, just that when looking at the above I just have to respond with "Really?! Was that so hard to add?" after seeing what the developers of World of Warships have added. HMCS Saguenay in Victory Belles.... Though, I have to wonder if we'll ever be able to play that game with Azur Lane filling in the void that Victory Belles was supposed to take. I don't have regret, just .... how are you now going to compete with Azur Lane entering the market.

I also still feel "damaged" over the comment sternly questioning why we should have Canada as a main faction when they're weak. You know how smaller features add onto the whole picture that when you have more to fiddle with that you'll stay to fiddle with them. It's also for representation, weight of the game, among other things. I don't care about that anymore for Victory Belles side of thing, just that if you argue about Canadians not having the strength to battle head on with Germany, Italy, and Japan then you're missing the point 100%. Representation matters. Some people may want a challenge while others simply want to learn where their history text books failed, among other things. For the times I pointed out non-Canadian vessels you guys ignored it......

The feeling I now gain from having HMCS Haida accessible in World of Warships now speaks volumes. If Victory Belles ever decides to to release you'll see people learning about their major/minor navies as those with KanColle have through Italy, among others. It basically comes down to people finding an easy lane to attack people that they won't allow Canadians to be in WW2 games similar to how I've now encountering people attacking people VR as to why we should have VR support for standard games. It's just an easy outlet to damage people. 


In short: Representation matters a hell of a lot; I still feel damaged; I'm worried about the game while latching on to Azur Lane & other games; A group of small features adds onto the whole vast experience like a jig-saw puzzle. 


Alright, I guess it's back to lurking because I know people don't care.

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Welcome back!..... ok, see you later then....

I'm surprised you had come back here despite you kept bringing up the people who you had bothered nearly *2 years ago*. I think that's a long time to hold a grudge honestly, and I had hoped you moved on with something better to focus on.

Might as well play Warship Girls or Azur Lane (or WoWs I guess) to keep passing the time until VB launches (I bet the beta won't be until October, lol).

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Lurking just means just viewing but not posting. But thanks.


I'm surprised you had come back here despite you kept bringing up the people who you had bothered nearly *2 years ago*. 

Yeah, it hurt me that much that I still can't let it go for how deeply 6 pages of these forums hurt me that we even had a fight on discord where I was treated like a circus animal. It's just something you can't easily forget with what I and others went through...... I'm still tracking this game but I do want to apologies for nearly timing this with the developer that died. My condolences to him and his family, as with the developers, yet worried about the game also not having released by now behind closed doors. 


I had hoped you moved on with something better to focus on

Well, the only thing that brought me back was my curiousity just to see how Victory Belles was doing while also hearing the sad news that I hate how I timed that. It was unintentional. Also, I wanted to post HMCS Haida bit because I hate hearing excuses as to why Canadians can't be in WW2 games that strawman excuses/logic were used. Seeing HMCS Haida in World of Warships has me now constantly saying "Now, was that so hard?" when you could just add in Canadians and any other "minor" nation easily. Just seeing a functioning Canadian vessel in a WW2 game is a giant morale boost that I've seen many positive curious comments posted under the Youtube comments of people learning more about their Canadian navy. You can examine everything in detail by moving the camera around, and etc. You can see its actual 3D shape, something you otherwise couldn't from images and texts. Representation matters. 

But if you're wondering I had that I'm still in 'Rising World', Azur Lane, as well as VRchat. KanColle contains too much salt that it also about that time for the developers to nudge KanColle Arcade onto Steam. 




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  • 11 months later...

Still lurking, wondering when this game shall release in some form of beta, or anything. If it shall. Is it still a work in progress?
(Might have to private message me, DM me on Discord, or maybe I'll have to come back a few days later to see if there's any response to this, if any). 

Just wanted to say that Azur Lane seems to have covertly added Canadian warship girls, two of whom I haven't been aware of until recently thanks to this tweet.


It's small things like these which goes a long way in connecting people. They mentioned both Americans AND Canadians, something which warms the heart. Thanks to this tweet I found out both 'Fortune' and 'Foxhound' are both Canadian. Awesome! Currently leveling them up. Whatever Victory Belles does, I'll be watching. I may not be active, but I'm always watching. 


Also, on a side-note:

I've noticed 'Black Chicken Studio' following this account:


Does she handle your game in any way, or is it just a random follow? Professional contact? It makes me wary how BCS is openly following her when she seems set on constantly stirring up trouble. She's happy about it, proud. She's abusing her "game developer" status and integrity by constantly throwing tantrums. 


Really? Is that really necessary? O_o. 

BCS follows this person, why? Gaming reasons? Professional? I know it's something I shouldn't question (privacy reasons & etc), yet still curious as to why. If this is for helping release Victory Belles then you may want to find someone more stable and far more professional...... Highly concerning. I'm worried about her sanity. If I've done what she had at a workplace I'd most likely get written up for it..... This is why I'm worried.


Still wishing you guys the best of luck with Victory Belles. Do hope you guys eventually release Victory Belles in some stable state. I'm still happy you guys added Saguenay. That's something I'll still respect you guys with :) Also, grudges aren't that hard to forget. Negative emotions are easier to remember over positive ones because of how charged they are. Though, I still thank VC side in adding 1 Canadian shipgirl to their roster & being nice on their community site.

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Good to hear :)

Just been a bit too long so it makes one a bit worried. Glad to hear you guys still chugging through.


I wouldn't know either who she is to BCS, just... Seems to enjoy stirring up trouble. Even encouraged to do so by the follows she obtains. Highly concerning, thus why I brought it up here. It says that 'The Black  Chicken' is indeed following her, for what reason, who knows. I'm not one to question it (again for privacy reasons)..... Just wary.  If she is a professional contact then may need to double check, if a random, then I guess whatever. I can't dictate how you guys follow & not, just "wary".... Highly vocal "game developer" who enjoys trolling for the sake of attention ... "Absolute power corrupts absolutely" 😕 

We already have enough corrupted & predatory AAA game studios, don't need more attention seeking ones, I say neutrally. 


If any more Canadians I'll be keeping my eyes & ears out. Thanks for the reply :)


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