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Canadian Pride!

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Also, on a side note....... I just noticed how "suggestive" the artwork is for both HMS Fortune & HMS Foxhound..... At least the one for HMS Foxhound is "tolerable".... Why does HMS Fortune have chains in her retrofit? O_o



I'm aware Azur Lane isn't your game, it's just a bit of a shock to find they're quite "teaseful". I'm just reacting in general....... Foxhound seems like a better match for me though *shrugs*.

See you whenever I see more Canadians, or another game update, or a reply... I'm now left baffled. 


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It's Canada Day, so I have to post this. I have to because nobody else will.


Happy Canada Day! 

Happy Canada Day!

Just seeing something simple as this honestly goes a long way. Give recognition, even on the slightest, it'll mean a lot. I'm happy to see Azur Lane developers having gone out of their way to contact a Canadian Pixiv artist to have drawn HMS Fortune, HMS Foxhound, and maybe even Bulin in the mix. Can't ID the third one to the right. Choppy chop in a French-Canadian stereotype, something I can approve of. If they start doing cheesy Canadian stereotypes of being polite, THEN we'd have issues.

It's just heartwarming to see people pushing for HMCS Haida & her sisters to be added. I however wish people would also stop forgetting about HMCS Uganda & HMCS Ontario, both light cruisers on the Canadian side. Canadians who served on the two CLs loved them so much. HMCS Uganda fought in the Atlantic, Medideranian (or at least sailed through it), and Pacific. Americans told Canadians they couldn't have their Canadian identity so they had a mutiny (also because they were fighting the Japanese unwillingly), something which seems to be the case even today. Canadians. Been told "Canadians are a minor nation", something a certain someone here & elsewhere missed the point completely. It's not about balance, it's about being represented and connected. Then you have this tweet telling people what Canadian ships are hiding in Azur Lane.

(Below tweet: Focus is on Artimak's tweet noting what Canadian ships are hiding in Azur Lane given from the RN. Tried to single out the tweet, didn't work.

But yeah, Happy Canada Day! It's awesome seeing what sort of comments are under that tweet. Been trying to keep an eye out to see if Victory Belles developers would have done the same by releasing a simple tweet, or anything. Even SCS Software developers with a Canadian themed paint pack for American Truck Simulator, or something. Anything. Maybe the timing is off, maybe there's something other planned.... July 1st is always a good time to recognize the Canadians. It's always a nice breath of freshair when things aren't always about Americans. I honestly hope people don't treat me like a god damn circus act again just for desiring to connect with the Canadian side of things.

I still have some form of PTSD & grudges from the Discord nonsense we went though. I honestly want to forget about it, it's just hard because of how I was stupidly singled out. I'm still upset about that. I also saw people didn't want to give out genuine apologies. It was more of "saving face", something which adds more salt than it really should. I honestly want to forget about that moment, it's just hard. Probably wont' understand because you weren't on the receiving end of people's nonsense.  But hey, I'm just making note of that, not trying to stir up another storm. I'm simply making note of it. I'm only here to point out the awesomeness that is Canada Day and how Azur Lane gave recognition having hoped Victory Belles developers would have done "something" about it. Guess timing was off, or something. I don't know. I can't see into their office.  When Canadians become their own faction that shall be glorious (in this, Azur Lane, and any other game). There is one RTS game I could play, but that's on land, called 'Steel Division: Normandy 44. Victory at Sea was also awesome... I"m certain I mentioned it, just me re-mentioning it shows how awesome they are in certain ways :)

I also retrofited Foxhound on my English Azur Lane client (I play on both JP & En of Azur Lane because I screwed up) so that's a nice morale boost for me! Fortune is being leveled up. I can't wait to level up all the others which were noted by Artimak. 

So, yeah. Happy Canada Day!

/Navy salute 


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Excellent! Happy to hear you guys had a nice read. Something simple like that goes a long way to the point I'm now hyped up again & proud to be Canadian again. Need more of that, thanks! :) Hope any lurking Canadians feel warm and fuzzy. They're out there, just need to be tuned into the right frequency. Just seeing that kind gesture made me so happy!~ Happy, just like that song.

Well, that actually went amusingly well from the looks of things. Haven't seen any mention of Canadians on the Azur Lane Subreddit which makes me sad. I kept refreshing every few hours just to see if anybody noticed it. Nope! Canadians are forgotten & overlooked, unless on Twitter & from myself. 

I had a nice laugh. I was about to get outright triggered to instead gain a nice chuckle. THIS TWEET nearly had me boiling.... Why? They were about to release USN skins for July 4th while missing an golden opportunity to give Foxhound & Fortune some Canadian themed skin in some manner. 

Instead, I'm seeing Americans being triggered so that has me laughing. Irony here, irony there..... Games have been known in adding festive aesthetics & appearances to make them semi-themed to what they're selling, yet not quite. Seen a lot of semi-false advertising on PSN stores that I'm somewhat immune to this. 

Someone PLEASE take advantage of the next July 1st..... I don't care who..... Azur Lane, Victory Belles,.... Maybe even the declining 'KanColle'.... This is fun to observe. 


Also, Happy Independence Day! Be safe and use common sense when celebrating! Americans tend to be wild so do stay safe. :)

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- Azur Lane - Maple Monarchy:

I'm sure people already knew this, just adding it anyways because of how neat it is. Fortune has a line mentioning Canadians as the 'Maple Monarchy' leaving things open for a Canadian faction to be added into the mix. It's not 100% confirmed, though it leaves things open for "if" and "when" the Azur Lane developers consider adding in 'mini-factions' into the mix. Someone also on the Azur Lane Subreddit made me aware of how one of the loading screens also contains Canadians in them, something which I embrassingly managed to be oblivious about. I overlooked it because everything is just "AMERICA!" which is awkward.

The image they shared is of American shipgirls enjoying Canada Day celebrations with the Canadian flag, the red maple on the red bra & hairclip, as well as the smaller Canadian flag on the bottom right. It's easy to miss when you're assuming everything to be 'America', and when the farthest right is cropped out removing the mini Canadian flag. This gesture alone is making me happy because of how the person took their time to make me aware of this, as well as seeing how Azur Lane developers are acknowledging Canadians. This is still a fanart, yet a neat one. 

Its the small things which goes a long way in making things feel far more welcoming. 


I also made a subreddit because nobody bothered to celebrate Canada Day on Canada Day. I had to do it.... It's belated, as is this posting. My wording is messy and a bit chaotic, though still proudly Canadian.

I'm happy with the more joking comments making note of 'Timbits' and 'Qu'Appelle's Bell', those are the type of comments which are missing and what I'm seeking. Then we have Fisherman being rude as hell causing people to swarm me, downvote me & the subreddit..... It's an outright mess thanks to them. I'm honestly not allowed to connect with my Canadian side because you guys keep claiming Canadians are "minor", would be "pointless work", would "delay other events & shipgirls", and etc.....Dude, common.... Grow the hell up.

My wish is simple! I just want to connect with Canadians. Let me! Stop treating me like a circus animal. My Subreddit had 56-60 votes (staying there) when ti could have actually went up to 70, 80, 90, or even 130. Nope! Canadians are "taboo", as you've seen the arguments in this thread. I'm now allowed to be proud of my Canadians, but I'll keep trying. I'll keep hyping everything up. One of my latest comments had 5 likes, now down to 3, just because I'm wishing for Canadians........ Screw the Canadians! Not allowed in War games! Only America! 😏 The amount of hate I'm seeing, I have to poke fun at it while equally supporting the positive gestures by both the AL devs & the community.

I have a friend who lives in the Canadian Prairies being highly interested in Azur Lane's take on Fortune (HMCS Saskatchewan), thus having to share everything about her to said buddy. People assume what "we" desire is "minor" and "not worth the effort'. On the contrary, it's a major thing... Fisherman in that subreddit is a moron because they're blinded by being falsely "realistic" while missing out on the big picture. Missing out on the side things of how people want HMCS Haida to be added, how a buddy of mine is curious about Fortune's Canadian identity, and etc.  Not balanced for gameplay? You're missing the point. Too much work for the developers? OH, so the developers are weak and incompetent? Don't insult the developers. They're smart, they can figure something out.

Also, as for pushing back events just to add Canadians.... How selfish and moronic can you be?! Why are you so stupid..... Developers are smart, they can time things out to be sprinkled, given their own event, and etc. They're still a part of the game....... I hate fake "realistic" people, I can immediately tell they're plastic and egoistical.....  Stay away from me or I WILL call you out. I may not be the best with my wording, but I WILL call you out on your fakeness.

Once Victory Belles adds more Canadians & elements I'll be hyping that up also :) My wish is simple. 


I know Canadians are not confirmed in being added, though they are making a loose appearance in that game while having the faction name of 'Maple Monarchy'. That's enough to make me highly happy making me love how Azur Lane is acknowledging Canadians. The more we call them out in praise, the more we praise them, the more likely we'll see them. Hopefully we'll see some Canadian festive outfits, and such. It just makes it more appealing to play Azur Lane over KanColle. When you acknowledge certain national playerbases they're more willing to play and be curious.


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Sorry for the third posting in a row. Sorry if this comes off as whining, just noting something again from Azur Lane Reddit downvoting everything I posted in the lastest 'mini-faction expended' subreddit. I got absolutely murdered/lynched, karma/downvoting wise. People sticking onesided on HMS side, not exploring the other side.

Well, I just experiences a nasty case of Reddit swarming abuse.... I simply asked for Mini-factions to be expanded and they just downvoted EVERYTHING I posted in that thread. The thread itself, the posting.... RIP. The Karma I earned, RIP. I'm aware my wording ain't the best, but even then, just meet me halfway. I simply asked for Canadians, Australians & etc to gain their own mini-faction, HMCS/HMAS designations so you could actually know their real self, not the HMS Haida, or HMS Vampire nonsense. I was even unaware Fortune & Foxhound turned Canadian when they were lent, something Twitter pointed out.......HMS Foxound should also have HMCS Qu'Appelle, and HMS Fortune should be HMCS Saskatchewan. It's not that hard. National themed outfits of their period, yet that's taboo. It's this reason why I suggested ships to be given their actual desgination of HMCS/HMAS, & etc so we can identify them properly. 

You know the KanColle naming way with Gangut & Kasuga Maru? Basically like that. Apparently it's taboo for me to request that, thus downvoted heavily.

One person noted the ships should stay as HMS because the ships were of British origin.... You're missing the god damn point! Allow them to have their alternate identities! Do what KanColle did, give them alternate namings, Outfits, and etc to respect their other self.... ITS NOT THAT HARD. Stop making it difficult! 

I apparently committed a very violent crime of murdering families, killing children, and etc... It's extreme.....I'm apparently a pedophile, or something. At least meet me halfway...... What they mentioned isn't halfway... 

Edited by ArcticuKitsu
So many typos and corrections.
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I hope that if Azur Lane of the future will add new destroyers and light cruisers, there is a great possibility that Polish, N class, G class, M class and Danae-class will appear for the first time, it will be British ship and perhaps Retrofit.

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On 7/25/2019 at 3:42 AM, Shirogane said:

I hope that if Azur Lane of the future will add new destroyers and light cruisers, there is a great possibility that Polish, N class, G class, M class and Danae-class will appear for the first time, it will be British ship and perhaps Retrofit.

This ^ 100% this! Azur Lane has this chance, thus why I'm hyping up the Canadians for it during Canada Day, then tried making a 'Mini-faction' reddit on Azur Lane reddit for it to be treated like trash. I even found out Azur Lane covertly also has Australian & New Zealand shipgirls, if you want to care for them.

I honestly would love to see Polish shipgirls for how fiercely they fought. The Polish people would honestly be proud, something Azur Lane Reddit can't comprehend. Thanks for bringing this up :)

I honestly wish the Canadians, Australians, New Zealand, and Polish shall gain their own banners in Azur Lane, regardless of the "clutter" excuse. (View HMCS Uganda below with "mutiny",  or "Uganda Episode". It's a curious read.


As of right now, in Azur Lane (Unofficial):

- HMAS Vampire (HMS Vampire)
- HMAS Shropshire (HMS Shropshire)

New Zealand: 
- HMNZS Leander (HMS Leander)
- HMNZS Achilles (HMS Achilles)

- HMCS Qu’Appelle (HMS Foxhound)
- HMCS Fraser (HMS Crescent)
- HMCS St. Laurent (HMS Cygnet)
- HMCS Restigouche (HMS Comet)
- HMCS Saskatchewan (HMS Fortune)


Also, been doing some more reading on ships again thanks to Azur Lane.... I'm now a bit depressed with what I've learned about HMCS Uganda because information had changed again (wiki side).... Things became more depressing with what I've learned making HMCS Uganda appear "cowardly"...... Probably shared this, yet sharing it again because I'm refreshing my memory.

HMCS Uganda:

HMCS Uganda spent her time training her crew with the RN, had her modernized in the UK later, traveled through the Mediterranean and into the Pacific. She appeared to have been hastefully deployed into the Pacific by not having a tropical retrofit, nor was her fresh water supply proper. Ventilation was poor, as was living conditions. She also (in hindsight) pre-maturely ventured into the Pacific while oblivious to the new changes to occur to the volunteer policy, something which would cause the 'Uganda Episode' issue. She then spent her time in the Pacific doing anti-air runs, bombarding bases, shelling places. She had a well trained & skilled crew, just morale was painfully low because they were "fighting the wrong enemy", & the poor condition their ship was in for where they were fighting/deployed. They wanted to fight Germans, not the Japanese. Their morale also taking a dip because they wanted to get away from "Kamikaze" pilots for how harsh they were. 

Canadian identity is important, as is any national identity. 


In his book "Mutiny - The Odyssey of HMCS UGANDA", Chief Petty Officer James W. Essex commented that as personnel reported on board, many of the ship's company noted the absence of the Canadian Red Ensign and the maple leaf that should have been displayed on the funnel. This was felt to be an insult to Canada. 


When one considers the quality of food, living conditions, the lack of a sense of Canadian identity, suicidal Kamikaze pilots, and pressure from the Commanding Officer, combined with lack of government support, it becomes clear that there was no mutiny onboard UGANDA, and that her ship's company was far from cowardly. Instead, the vast majority of the ship's company exercised their democratic right as dictated by the government's "Volunteers Only" policy.

Canadians also felt "undesired" in the Pacific, thus voting out while also taking advantage of the new volunteer policy. Not in a selfish crafty way, just in a "human" way. They had to re-volunteer, thus choosing to leave, more so after what the Captain (may, or may not have) said about the "quitters". British were furious, as were the Americans. Canadians offered to add in HMCS Prince Robert, an AA Flak ship. British had to swap out HMCS Uganda with one of their own, and the Americans only allowed the Canadians to refuel, not fix any boilers. They refused to fix their boiler issues calling them "cowards".... They viewed HMCS Uganda's crew as "cowardly" for leaving the war prematurely...... 

Now, I bet if the Canadians on HMCS Uganda had a Canadian emblem on the funnel they would have probably felt more of a reason to stay in the Pacific, regardless of the revised volunteer draft. They would be able to boast they're Canadian, staying longer....Everything was just in rough condition they wanted a better pace at things. If they at the very least had that Maple emblem on the funnel they would have probably scored hits on some odd Japanese Destroyer, or something. Hindsight is 20/20, but even so, this is my take on things with the cards I see placed on the table. Who knows..... Reading up on HMCS Uganda has me at least being proud that she had one of the best radar & rewards when in the Pacific. She is able to sport & boast about something. Everything else hurts in an embarrassment, and it was a national embarrassment to the Canadians. 

If she was to be added into Azur Lane you would bet she would have a very high AA rating. She would probably make a line of unwilling to fight the Japanese, even noting the kamikaze, if the Azur Lane developers are wise about that........

I want to find more information so I have more to pull from. I want to know more about HMCS Uganda because it can't be just that, can it?


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n my opinion, Canadians have a better chance of appearing in Azur Lane. You had a larger fleet than the Indians and Australians and New Zealanders. The Polish navy will appear probably the last in the game.

Many times the Polish Navy cooperated with the Canadian Navy during World War II.

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On 8/7/2019 at 1:53 AM, Shirogane said:

n my opinion, Canadians have a better chance of appearing in Azur Lane. You had a larger fleet than the Indians and Australians and New Zealanders. The Polish navy will appear probably the last in the game.

Many times the Polish Navy cooperated with the Canadian Navy during World War II.

True. I agree with this in an 80% manner. You may see a surprise appearance of others before Canadians, who knows. I'm still siding with Azur Lane because of how KanColle betrayed me gameplay wise. It has quality, I however favour Azur Lane still. Happy to hear how we helped each other out, as it should be. None of this weird "infighting", as we've done on either HMCS Nabob or HMCS Puncher....


I'm still annoyed by the comments of not adding in Canada because they're a "minor nation"... That shouldn't play a part in anything. If someone participated in WW2 they should automatically be in a WW2 game, not the cookie-cutter nonsense. Disagree with me all you want, it'll still make me favour Silent Hunter 3 & Victory at Sea for at least semi-adding various nations. This is however a side-note thought.


- HMCS Haida - Tribal-Class Destroyer - Visiting Haida:

Finally visited HMCS Haida after a few years of plotting and planning. She's a beauty commanding respect from the get-go! Even when seeing the tip of the bow she was glorious. Up close, inside; She's a thing of beauty all around. I'm so glad people who served on her protested to save her. I honestly wish Canadians were far more cautious and protective of their national history & treasures because they seem to allow others to trample on them, unlike me. They allowed HMCS Ontario & HMCS Uganda/Quebec to be scrapped, and they even allowed an Avro Arrow replica to be destroyed by weather. They left a national treasure sitting unattented & unguarded in the Canadian climate to gain damages, even leaving it unrepaired for the longest time (Unsure if the Avro Arrow was repaired, that's something for another topic. This is HMCS Haida's time to shine). They're also apparently allowing HMCS Haida to rust and rot in certain places; Paint peeling. ..... Touring Haida though, best thing ever! Loved gaining perspective on how ships are laid out by rooms, how they're operated, what's where, how you enter areas, and how the Captain's Day quarters appear. There was a lot to learn. For being one of the two remaining WW2 vessels we need to do what we can to keep her active as a museum vessel.

HMCS Haida tour - (257 images)






I had to use Foxhound because of her HMCS Qu'Appelle personality. I can't wait for when Azur Lane genuinely respects Canadians. If they blanket them under UK then that's going to still be a major disservice not just for the Canadians, but the Polish, Australians, New Zealand, & etc. Putting Canadians under the 'Maple Monarchy' would go a long way, or so noted in Foxhound/Fortune's quotes. National pride is everything. I don't care if it clutters the menu, find a way to keep it clean! Make them stand out for any game you put them in, not just for the Canadians. Don't find excuses, give me results. 

Seeing HMCS Haida has me fired up again and I love what I've seen. I love what I've learned, and I love everything about Haida, especially knowing she's the only Canadian warship (with HMCS Sackville) still present from WW2 era. We do have Submarines, and the like on display, they however may be highly remote while also being post-WW2. They still need to be cherished & respected though.  I also learned Haida had many pets.. Cat, dog, rabbit, Reindeer. Worth it.

I took 280+ Images because of how far Haida was... I didn't want to sleep in another creepy motel for further madness. Also, who knows if and when I'll go back, or if I'll go back at all. IF they add in HMCS Haida for Azur Lane I may go back to tie up some loose ends picture wise to be done with it. I had to make the most of it, thus I spent a solid 3 hours there.

(Wording may be all over the place because I'm both hyped & tired; Semi-jetlag. I also have to go back and edit my typos in my blog postings. I'm just highly fatigued, thus shall do it after my sleep. Posting this as I go sleep)

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Honestly, why is this so difficult? If someone is curious about the Royal Canadian Navy the information should be at the ready at any time.... It shouldn't be so complicated & overshadowed by by other factions. All information should be accessible at the same level.


HMCS Maginificent Video by Drachinifel on Youtube.


I'm actually quite hyped about this, especially now knowing about how HMCS Haida escorted her, and how they nearly lost their squadron of planes. How the fog obscured everything to the point they had to linger in the air for as long as possible until something awesome happened.

How highly unlikely, I would love to see HMCS Magnificient in ANY wargame. She was ordered during war time, thus needing to be added in as a late unit in a game. KanColle, Azur Lane, or anything. I don't care :)

He's planning to release three more videos so I'll be sharing more.

-HMCS Bonaventure
-HMCS Ontario
-HMCS Quebec

Would have loved to see a video about HMCS Prince David, HMCS Prince Henry, and HMCS Prince Robert because they weren't pushovers either. They saw a nice amount of service while also being a part of a Canadian film. 



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I somehow missed HMCS Haida's video. Here's her video if you want to see her video side of things. 

Can't wait for when game developers (other than Victory Belles) shall freely add Canadians in without the weird excuses of "minor nation" and etc. It's honestly so weird....


Edit: This next video slipped past my radar because of how stupid Youtube works. HMCS Bonaventure is now up! More awesome Canadian pride.

It's making me reconsider what can be considered to be added into WW2 game now. HMCS Magnificent & HMCS Bonaventure should be considered now if we have these naval experts spotlighting them. I'm fine with that, though people being stingy won't be. Always guilt tripping & etc. "Minor nation", or some stupid "Commonwealth UI clutter" nonsense..... Nah... I'm not buying that. I simply want to connect with my Canadian pride :)


HMCS Bonaventure hype! :)

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@Shirogane: The same plaque that's near the bow of HMCS Haida. Awesome stuff! :) 

If you check out the blog posting I left behind of HMCS Haida you'd see she has one also. Excellent, that's something nice to note. 


HMCS Uganda/Quebec:

This video is short and sweet, and to the point. It notes HMCS Uganda's history fairly briefly while glossing over the whole mutiny part. She had awesome AA, even planes at one point. This vessel was highly advanced, yet poorly equipped for how swiftly it was transferred into the RCN fleet. This poor vessel then fought in the Pacific ill-equipped, only hastening the re-drafting poll to pull out to either fight the Germans, or nobody at all. Americans at Pearl Harbor called her "cowards" and sent her on her way while not repairing a damaged boiler......

She was the biggest ship, thus her crew boasted about her size of being the biggest ship in the RCN. She was the largest until Canadians went through 2-3 various aircraft carriers before they were satisfied. Then the RCN was disbanded causing a brutal death to the mighty Royal Canadian Navy...... Canadians still trying to recover from that one..... 

As expected, and as I feared, you have weird people abusing her name with the VRchat 'Uganda' meme.... NO! Keep that meme dead. It's only funny when the right person says it, not when some random Joe says it....... 

But yeah,..... Again, having noted how Canadians went through 2-3 aircraft carriers makes me feel Canadians still deserve their own faction in any WW2 war game, regardless of balancing issues. Just having them is enough. Maybe people want a challenge...Even after all these years I'm still not buying into "UI clutter", and all that nonsense. I just can't.....  If people want to be lazy, be lazy somewhere else. Not implying the developers are, I'm just saying.....Common.... I still view Silent Hunter 3 in high regards because of how much care went into it.

I'm simply thankful for Drachinifel for spotlighting these lovely Canadian vessels,  even if with their spotted naval past & equally brave achievements. I'm proud that more information is available for those who want to inform themselves of what the Canadians were like in WW2. Still needs more information because people are still out of the loop...... Canadians need to be their own faction (and Polish, and etc) with developers needing to stop playing childish games by actually following in Silent Hunter 3's footsteps, not cookie cutter games. 

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HMCS Ontario - Minotaur Light Cruiser:

The final ship on the list making a very late entry into the war to see it had missed out. Still a part of WW2, if by a hair.

So, this rounds out Canada's WW2 naval fleet in his videos showing Canadians were a force to be cautious of at the end of WW2, just a case of "A little too late" by the end of it. Three aircraft carriers, 2 light cruisers, many destroyers, and 3 merchant cruisers being 'HMCS Prince Robert', HMCS Prince David, & HMCS Prince Henry. Not bad. Thanks to his videos I even learned a lot from various vessels, things I haven't even come across from self-researching via Google & such.

Many things are still omitted, though this sums things up nicely. I'm thankful he chose to do these HMCS videos because it gives Canadians presence and respect without treating them as throw-away objects, or even ghosts. 


If game developers could just add in Canadians without whining about 'UI Clutter', or 'minor nation' then that be nice. I'm still thankful Canadians even do get added while under the weird HMS umbrella, I however want to wave either the Canadian or 'Maple Monarchy' (Azur Lane) banner high and proud. While Canadians are shy and into the whole SJW nonsense I rather take the more natural route of just priding of Canada's accomplishment, even though I'm aware of Canada's populace loves getting suckered into the whole SJW movement out of natural habits of being a "peacekeeping nation", ironically attacking other nations with words, not weapons. That's that, and this is this so I simply want to connect with my Canadian identity. That's all :)

I'm happy Azur Lane focuses on other nations like the two sides of France, while even recently adding in Italians. I honestly 100% can't wait to fly my 'Maple Monarchy' flag there, or maybe even in Victory Belles, if it chooses to release or not. Victory Belles still worries me. But I honestly can't wait for the 'Maple Monarchy' to be a thing. Outfits, HMCS designation..... Whatever it is, I can't wait.

I guess with this I'll be going back into lurking mode unless someone wants to post more Canadian WW2 content in the gaming realm, or is aware of any other Youtubers sharing anything HMCS related from WW2 era. I'll occassionally peak back, maybe once a week, once a month, or so. Who knows..... Only the wind knows.

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Still curious about Victory Belles now wondering if I'll even have time to play it. I do hope it'll be like Azur Lane where we could play in chunks instead of requiring a whole genuine day to do anything. Simply getting busier & busier by the year. Adult life is fun. Saw an update that Victory Belles shall release soon so that has me curious.


- Azur Lane - Maple Monarchy:

Had a strong desire to make a video about the 'Maple Monarchy', so I've done it. I feel satisfied with it feeling its 80-90% awesome. The -10% being me forgetting about HMCS Saguenay from Victory Belles, though would have praised you guys if I had remembered. Maybe if we see more Canadians Victory Belles side I'll do more videos, though this one works as a nice base video simply noting I seek at least one genuine game giving me uncensored Canadian pride while connecting with a Canadian shipgirl unfiltered. Not lewd, just without any restrictions as any other faction.

Noting HMS Fortune 'flavour text' dialogue while noting how I expect Maple Monarchy to be added, how people reacted (in brief), to what units to expect. Its a summary.

Can't wait to properly connect with the Canadian side of things. It should be easier than how people are making it out to be while also seeing people purposely hammering any indivudal down like nails on a wooden board. Also, voice reveal ftw. Achievement unlocked. 

Once we gain a genuine Canadian faction in either (or both) Azur Lane & Victory Belles then that's when things shall be 100% awesome. I need to thank Drachinifel for making me more aware of certain naval things I wasn't aware of previously. 

See you guys when the game releases in one manner or another o7

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Well, 2020 is just a mess all around, especially for me. Lost my father but at the very least I managed to obtain a proxy Canadian fleet until actual Canadians are added into Azur Lane. 

Obtained the whole "fake" Canadian Proxy fleet while waiting for their actual Canadian counterpart. Foxhound, Fortune, Crescent, Comet, & Cygnet all retrofitted. I however have to level them, though my goal post was the retrofit part. When I reached Retrofit that was my goal line.


Azur Lane - HMS Eskimo - Skirting the 'Maple Monarchy' Line:

No matter what I type or share I'm always going to hit a nerve with people so I'm just going to share things regardless. If you get offended then that is on you.....

HMS Eskimo was noted to being a Mini-Event reward for the Chinese client which may see its way to JP, NA, and other servers. What makes her interesting is how I know her from 'Victory at Sea' for being a Tribal-Class Destroyer on the Royal Navy side. Skimming Wikipedia she is also noted as being "in company with HMCS Haida" which skirts the 'Maple Monarchy' line heavily.



She supported the Allied landings in North Africa in November 1942 and served with the 10th Destroyer Flotilla at Plymouth. Eskimo was extensively damaged when two German dive bombers attacked her in the Mediterranean while taking part in Operation Husky.[15] She cornered and sank the enemy German submarine U-971 while in company with the Canadian destroyer Haida and a Liberator aircraft of the Czech air force in the English Channel north of Brest on 24 June 1944.[16] During the final days of the war, she operated in the Far East.

I'm aware people want to void Canadians (RCN) left and right for their own selfish envy reasons, I'm however going to keep making note of this until it actually happens. I WANT TO CONNECT WITH MY CANADIAN NATIONALITY. AZUR LANE IS A GAME! Games are meant to have fun... Let me have my Canadian identity god f***ing damn it.  But yeah, HMS Eskimo was noted in being in company of HMCS Haida to sink U-971 which skirts the line heavily on HMCS Haida being hinted in being added. Not confirmed, HINTED... I said "HINTED".....Tentative, thus my wording of "skirting the line".... It opens up a window of HMCS Haida & her 'Maple Monarchy' faction in being added into Azur Lane.

This is one of the biggest teases for me, and anybody who tracks history properly shall be amused by this, even if silently.....  I'm eagerly waiting to see if Yostar shall properly add in Canadians or throw them under the bus and throw them into the trash bin by treating Canadians like a pile of trash by uniting them with the Royal Navy. 

Once I see HMCS Haida as HMS Haida I'm rioting. I don't care if I get banned off of Azur Lane Reddit.....  I'm rioting...... If Canadians are a part of the Royal Navy I'm rioting..... Treat Canadians with respect..... I'm not going to riot here, though anything that is Azur Lane I'll be showing my disapproval if they treat Canadians like a pile of trash.






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4 hours ago, Legate of Mineta said:


We're sorry for your loss. :(

I hope you're doing OK.


Not sure what to say except I'm "alright" (50/50) manner. My sleep has been genuine crap for the past month or so; Far more exhausted than usual though keeping an neutral mind to things. I keep getting hit left and right by stupid legal nonsense tying up various loose ends....Paperwork is "fun". I have roughly to the end of June before I lose my apartment but have a coworker helping me with housing until I settle so I'm "fine" there. Azur Lane & Pokemon GO are the only two games currently keeping me sane, especially with how abnormally humid Ottawa has been. Couldn't VRchat, nor play Rising World or any other game. I try to keep a balance when tying loose ends. I'm obviously far crankier than usual so, yeah..... I've got things more or less handles.... I hope.

Feeling 50/50. What would give me a better morale boost would be seeing SOMEONE giving me the Canadian nation in some naval game. Azur Lane is teasing Canadians now (maybe unintentionally), while also tracking 'War on the Sea', and Ultimate Admiral Dreadnoughts. Someone has to give in to the Canadians with Azur Lane hopefully finally giving in by actually adding Maple Monarchy.

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  • 4 weeks later...

So, I guess I'm just naturally going to tick off any WW2 naval developer because of my RCN Topic and any side comments I make. It always derails and I'm getting frustrated more about the derailment than anything else. It "mayh" indeed be my fault, though don't feel it is. I'm far more surprised by how it was taken far out of context than it should have been. I guess I'm just out of tune with current events focusing on my own 2020 issues instead. I want to apologies, just not going to do so on a whim.

I'm aware not to expect Canadians in a Pacific Campaign, though if you don't ask, you don't receive.......... I'd expect them more in Atlantic settings, though never hurts to have "what if" settings in your games. They're called 'skirmish' modes. 


- 'Task Force: Admiral - RCN Curiousity: 

I'm aware I shouldn't expect Canadians in an Pacific setting, though had to ask regardless to have my answer. If you don't ask you don't receive......I asked if we're to gain an RCN faction and they said the following:

We had HMCS Uganda, HMCS Ontario, & three Prince vessels in that side of the war. Nothing major, though still noteworthy.


If we had a bigger team, you can be certain that we'd be busy making the IJN playable or even the Far Eastern fleet before we even get to anything remotely close to the RCN. If we were making an Atlantic game it would be something else entirely. I sure hope we'll do so someday, in a few volume from now, but we won't make Canadian ships steam through the Solomon chain just for the sake of it, I am afraid :) In a sense, I guess that the answer would be "eventually" then!

That's fine. I'm fine with that. Fair enough. 

The fun of WW2 naval games is how you can experiment by testing things which normally wouldn't be done, such as skirmish mode. Fair enough on the small development size.


At some point though when we'll get to 1945, HMCS Uganda will certainly be featured along with all the other ships necessary to recreate the operations covered by this timeline.

This part made me smile because the developer noted a slim chance of it happening. It made me happy. I however hope she's HMCS  and not the hasty & tardy HMS tag. 


As much as I dislike the Dutch people for being fishy people (wishy-washy; Been thrown under the bus by them), I'm still curious to see how their Dutch side handles in a Pacific campaign.

I'm aware I should have kept this comment to myself, though displeased by the developer's response by how forced it is. Keep it short! I'm aware they're trying to save face about my Dutch comment, especially with recent protests & etc. I'm not here to instigate. I respect their message on a basic level because everything else seems forced, almost to a formal manner. They're frustrated at me, and I'm frustrated I can't play a WW2 game with proper Canadians in them to the point I get labeled an 'Canadianophile'. I also get labeled some idiotic thing, or treated like some circus animal in Victory Belles forum. I keep getting thrown under the bus and my frustrations simply keep growing. I'm happy Victory Belles considered adding HMCS Saguenay, though this game still needs to release. I may struggle to play it with how 2020 brutalized things. My focus is Azur Lane, but even so its the thoughts and gestures which counts. If you guys want to shoot me (figuratively) or throw me under the bus because of my Dutch comment then feel free to do so. I've been thrown under the bus countless times. I'm just frustrated.

The context - Developer's message:



As any person of a certain life experience, you are certainly entitled to all the adventures you went through, be them good or bad, happy or painful - but no offense, this is not the place, nor the time to mention any sort of national or racial prejudice you might have toward a community. I don't care if they were Dutch, Russian, Chinese, Black, Jewish, Muslim, etc... I will not allow this place to be used as a tribune for this kind of deprecative, if not offensive comments. I don't know what you were thinking, but I can't help to wonder what I'd be saying right now if I had any Dutch DNA myself (something you wouldn't know of before making that very remark...). Please kindly take that kind of beef elsewhere.

This is my first and last warning in this matter. Thank you for your understanding and cooperation in the future.

Best regards nonetheless


I 100% expect the Dutch to appear before the Canadians because of how common they were in the Pacific Campaign. They were fragmented, they were there, and they've made an impact while having noteworthy vessels. They've done so much more to the point I've noted how they had a 'Ghost Ship' constantly being marked as 'sunk' by the Japanese, and how their submarines & navy sunk the most tonnage (or so noted in wiki & other sources). Other people have noted this also on forums. Displaying this in your game informs people of what actually happened, allows people to connect, & etc. 

So many new naval WW2 games to keep track of, though one which has yet to do the whole modern Silent Hunter 3 take with surface vessels. Still isn't World of Warships.


Had trouble editing the damn posting because of forum formatting.... Quotes were wonky and I forgot a quote.......



Edited by ArcticuKitsu
Major errors needing to be fixed. Forgot quoting.
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  • 7 months later...

Back again because there is another wave of Canadian influences going around. As noted previously I'm just naturally going to be pissing off any WW2 naval developers because of obvious voids refusing to be filled in. That is not why I'm posting though. I'm posting because there is another awesome video by Drachinifel needing to be given all the praise he can. If you guys are ever going to praise a Youtuber then you guys honestly need to 100% praise Drachinifel. In the next newsletter you guys do you need to shoutout Drachinifel for their passion for their WW2 history, as well as for acknowledging the Canadian history.


The Royal Canadian Navy


Its thanks to this video I'm back to being hyped for my Canadian navy wishing for their proper acknowledgement in WW2. I'm not pressuring you guys for HMCS Saguenay, I'm just saying in general for every other WW2 naval developer out there.

I love how they noted the three Queen Elizabeth-Class Battleships for WW1, how they noted HMCS Saguenay and others. Canadians kept trying, and trying, though they got to where they needed somewhat in the end. 


Two New Games To Note:

Task Force Admiral:

Mainly Pacific campaign for now, though shall consider adding in Japanese, multiplayer (vs), and even skirmish mode. If things goes well they'll consider expanding into the Atlantic and the Mediterranean campaign. It may not be my game, more so if they refuse to add in Canadians, seeing it more of a 'threading the needle' type of game. I'm more into loose games, such as KanColle, Azur Lane, Victory at Sea, or anything exploration based. I'm more into Silent Hunter 3. It appears to be a great game with great polish, just may suffer from being "too stiff" when dealing with scenario-based campaigns. If they ever consider adding free-world and modding support it'll be one of the best games ever. They've even acknowledged War on The Sea & Azur Lane needing gaining more respect.

I managed to piss off the developer for their Dutch background after noting how rude Dutch people are after having been brutally betrayed by a fair number of them myself. I'm wary of Dutch people, more so with how corrupted by politics they've showed they become. Because of my "rude comment" they may not add in Canadians, such as HMCS Uganda so I'm forced to seek out other WW2 naval games willing to fill in various 'voids'.

To note: I only expected to see HMCS Uganda, though that is still too far off their timeline. At the very least I proposed to see HMCS Uganda in Skirmish mode, though doubtful because I'm just a "piece of trash" to people. I'm just a gamer with no real influence while having falsely labeled as someone "slandering" others. I'm annoyed. I'm just annoyed simple things can't be done in gaming.


War on The Sea:


Tracking this game because it was also noted that they were going to expand into the Atlantic and Mediterranean campaign of things. I'm always going to expect resistance because nobody wants to do everything right. I'll expect the major players, though Canadians will probably be something I have to fight for. This game seems to be my best bet if I'm to see any Canadians because it plans to branch out into every zone, given the proper support and funding. 


Ultimate Admiral: Dreadnought:


I'm finding it amusing how it has every nation similar to Azur Lane, just not Canadians. I'm seeing Chinese, Russian, and etc, just not Canadian. This is indeed a game to track because you can build a ship and fleet the way you want, though desire to see the WW2 era Canadian flag hanging from my vessels. People are correct in ways noting Canada's behaviour in that timeperiod, though completely miss the point. I saw the same phobic behaviour towards the Chinese nation in Dreadnoughts, even if they were confirmed to be added.  

If I was to suggest Chinese ships I would gain the same pushback as I would for the Canadians. I've seen it, even after they have been confirmed in being added. They were noted to be dated and crappy...... 

To note: I'm not expecting to see Canadians in the game. I only added it as a light suggestion because if you don't speak, you aren't heard. If you aren't heard, it won't be added. Now that they're aware about Canadians they can chose to add, or ignore. I made throw-away posts which two-three people became genuinely offended by forcing me to stand my ground making matters worse. People are offended whenever they hear about Canadians, its creepy and disturbing.

The game is advertised to mess around by building the "best ships" in your style. Creativity. 


After about a decade of hearing the same nonsense I'm still going to push for Canadians. Even if people may falsely claim I've slandered them, and etc I'm still going to push. I've learned a lot about the Canadian navy wanting to simply learn more. People can claim I'm "dramatic" and etc, you're not helping. You don't know what dramatic is. Just turn on CNN and you'll see how they indoctornate people into vile drone-like individuals to hate on specific leaders to push various agendas.

I'm only here to connect with my Canadians, and that is all I want to do. I just want to connect with my Canadian identity for I was born in Canada. We Canadians are also highly shy of our national identity for what happened in the 1950's, and how we've been brainwashed that we're afraid of tapping into our full Canadian pride because we'll somehow (though magic) turn into WW2 Germany. Common, you're smarter than this. 

I'm still curious how this game (Victory Belles) shall play out, though worry I won't even see Canadians in Azur Lane because of the politic nonsense going on between China & Canada. They wanted to add Canadians, then everything toned down when stupid things happened between China & Canada. Because of that I probably won't see Canadians as 'Maple Monarchy' in Azur Lane. I hope I'm wrong.

Someone has to add in Canadians into their naval game. If Silent Hunter 3 can do it then someone else can as well, a game from 2006 era. 


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