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The super early, first impression, who you gun' be thread



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  1. 1. Who will you play first?

    • The British Royal Navy
    • The United States Navy
    • The Italian Royal Navy
    • The Japanese Imperial Navy
    • The German Kriegsmarine
    • The Polish Navy
    • The Spanish Navy
    • The Turkish Navy
    • Royal Netherlands Navy
    • The French Navy
  2. 2. Forgot Russia

    • The Soviet Navy
    • I prefer Freedom and choose one of the navys in question one!
    • The Canadian Navy

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This was an age where we sent American citizens who happened to be of Japanese ancestry to concentration camps. :(


I'm at the airport on my phone but when I get home I'll share material related to race relations in the US during WW2. Yes things evolved over the war in the ranks, but sadly racism was still the rule until 1947 and even after.


I understand the game will skirt such issues and I'm fine with that, but I write my own stories to examine the best and the worst of the human condition. There seems a lot to explore through the lens of the Belles and how they perceive and reflect human flaws.

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That's a touchy subject that I've actually been wondering about for a while now. There were a lot of atrocities that happened in that time period and I'm curious how the game will handle those. Sweeping them under the rug doesn't feel right, but at the same time it's important to handle them respectfully.

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You will have to wait and see, but as you can guess from the incorporation of the swastika, we prefer to confront these kinds of things head on.






Oh, the game doesn't skirt those issues- that's part of the diversity of the Belles, in fact. Inescapable given the time period, for every nation in the game.

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Given their decision to keep the swastika and refer to 'Nazi Germany' I must admit similar curiosity. Most games I've heard of like this cleanse Hitler and National Socialism from Germany. That BCS is not fascinates me. I see Scarnhorst and her Prussian pride with reference to 'that Austrian corporal' as a good sign. :)

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jwd2456 - Which Battleships? Also, this is a bit of a spoiler, but...if you wanted to change Italy from *within*, that's a (long term) possibility, too. :)


It's an RPG, so there just a few options. :)


I was on the North Carolina, Wisconsin, and Massachusetts


Being able to change Italy from within definitely makes them a lot more of an option for me. I'm leaning more towards Japan currently though since I'm utter weeaboo trash. :lol:

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I'm sure it will be in an Update a bit later on, when the UI for it is done.


The German paper ships aren't for '39- they would have been in commission later.


Oh yeah, I figured. I'm just saying there is little point in choosing a Nation based on it's ships unless they are starting ships you simply must have Right this instant. If say I choose the UK but can get The Enterprise, The Bismark and the Yamato through game play why get too wrapped up in the ships. Its the hinted at other features that should weight more on this decision.


Yes I know this is the Super early thread. But still I think taking the presented idea (which can still change, I know) of these things into account can lead to interesting conversations.

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Something like the Grey Ghost won't be a starter, but you can get any Belle as any Nation- just a bit harder to collect them at start, because you don't have Diplomatic Channels.


But if you want the Enterprise fast, starting as the U.S. is probably the way to go. :)


See, that's what I mean. To be honest the thought that your national Belles would be easier to get than foreign ones did not even pop into my head. Working with the assumption that all the starting Belles are comparable, unless the ship you simply must have as quickly as possible the Belles should not be what you base your Nation selection on. Well, not entirely anyway. This game seems way more complex than we are giving it credit for. Diplomatic channels, Manufacturing capability, Ease of resource acquisition, should all be considerations along with the home Belles.


This simple question actually seems rather involved.

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