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I think it might be that they suffer from anxiety after such a long wait, there are simply too many of us now looking for that trailer. The pressure is just simply too much! It'll come when we least expect it, while everyone is looking another direction...


But I tell you now Legate, that won't happen! You tell the team that we are always watching, juging, playing, and generally ranting and banting... Best to just get it over with, nice and quick. Like a band-aid or a beheading...

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Should we put votes how many months BCS still need till the Greenlight is up at Steam?

I think if it continue like other things from BCS we don't see it this year.

But good thing we got them to make a video before they start the Greenlight if they have put up the Greenlight without a video and not be able to push one out within days then it would be really bad.

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I don't know about Greenlight but my crystalball clearly predicted year 2 for summer 2018. (after the world cup tough)


and year 4 in the first decade of the next century.


The rest is too blurry to make anything but baseless conjecture.


Altough I am kind of confident that year 3 will be released before year 4 and after year 2. Seems logical to me.

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Fantastic. Now the only question is how many weeks it'll take to set the video to Unlisted and post the link here :rolleyes:. Although seriously, I can't imagine why that'd take any time at all. I get not doing so in the first place - checking to see if the video uploaded properly before showing it - or the uploader letting the video finish uploading overnight and said person not waking up for another seven hours, but beyond that? I can't think of anything. I might be missing something, naturally, but if I am (as the phrase "I might be missed something" would suggest) I have, in fact, missed it.

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Yeah, it's great! I love that the team took my suggestion!


May I ask who did Orsi's voice?


(Also, sorry I stole your thunder Legate, I was on youtube at the exact perfect time to notice the video and couldn't resist! :))

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