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That's a good video, maybe include some in-game screenshots into the steam thing aswell.


Of what events and adventures look like, the callendar etz. Even if things are shown in a video it doesn't hurt with a few still pictures for people to understand what they're seeing.


When is it hitting greenlight?

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*Sigh* That is a present tense observation. I'm talking about an observation I made of a flashback while Orsi was talking about being in wars. If you look closely all the silhouettes are copies of Orsi's that are mirrored or distorted, save one very curvy female wizard. @1:08.

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Nope, it's pretty much as described. Just the Team's focus on the problem. ;)

Going by Free's post it nevertheless still took 4 hours to set the video to public. Oh well. Incidentally, fun little detail at 1:52 - the first two Morvidus portraits shown are player portraits, rather than actual students.


Here's a(n attempt at a) transcription of the final script that's in the trailer, BTW. The early parts are quite different from the first draft:

[Whispering.] Polisena, are you sure you don't want to do this?


[Whispering.] Seriously, I'm sure prospective students would really rather hear from you than me.


[Whispering.] OW! Fine. But if I scare everybody off, it's on your head.


My ladies and my lords. My name is Orso Orsi, and I'm told I have a speech prepared for you. I'm sure I put a lot of care into it, so...let's give this a go. Our school's exceptional reputation is the product not only of our experienced faculty and time-tested curriculum, but also of the-um...Yeah. No.


I'm sorry. We wrote that to read to your parents in the hopes of boring them into polite submission. And I'm of the opinion that we shouldn't force any innocent bystanders to listen to it. And let's just stick to the important stuff, starting (ego-maniacally enough) with me.


I go way back with this place. I was a troublesome student in my time, but I managed to avoid expulsion and become a wizard. Then I became a spy, and I fought in a few wars, and I made some inconvenient friends, and now, because life is full of little ironies, now I am more or less the headmaster of the very school at which I nearly was expelled.


This place behind me: the Academy of Mineta. The Academagia. The greatest single beacon of learning set down on these great islands since the tyranny of the Dragons broke and the New Gods gave humanity a chance to be more than slaves and puppets.


You're here because we want you to join us. I don't care if your parents were gravediggers, or if you're descended from kings.


I don't care if your Familiar is a dog or a spider or a talking doll that rampages through the school when you're not looking.


There are eighty-some other students in your year, and I guarantee you that you're not going to be the most annoying. We have astrologers. We know.


And, Gods, don't get me started on the professors. You'll love some of them, others are basically just basilisks in expensive shoes.


But we all want you here.


I'm not going to lie. These are turbulent times. There are masters of banned magic running amok, the school's infested with secret societies, and we're all living in the shadow of the murderous politics of the oldest, richest, most hectic city in all Elumia. The old Empire is dead, and after all this time we still really don't know what's taking its place.


We can mostly protect you from that if you want to be protected. If you just want to tend to your schooling, you'll attend classes almost every day, improve more skills than you can easily count, and hopefully never have to deal with anything worse than the occasional random air pirate attack. You'll come out with great grades and a worthy future in a wider world.


If you don't want to be protected... oh, we have adventures waiting for you.


Save the city. Fight undead witches. Survive prank wars. Run away from dragons, explore old tombs, infiltrate ghost-trapping societies, whatever. Don't tell your parents, but there are so many ways you can nearly get yourself killed around this place...


I don't encourage recklessness, of course.


I do encourage you to come here and find out what kind of wizard... no, what kind of person you want to be.


School's not for the teachers, and it's not for the headmaster. It's for you.


It's a school of magic. Make what you want of it.


Just try not to burn down anything important.

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Incidentally, "masters of banned magic running amok" is an interesting choice of words, especially from Orsi. I'm going to have to keep track of how many professors get involved with illegal magic in how many ways.


EDIT: So now that the trailer is done, how long before the Greenlight is expected to go up? I imagine it'll take a bit, but at the same time I don't imagine the trailer sitting there for a few months to collect dust before it really gets put to use...

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So, Do we get the right to wear pointy hats when we graduate? Do they have to be the floppy kind?


Also, are all spies given a mask like that? I can't imagine blending in very well...

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Well I hope the greenlight succeeds to bring the attention Academagia should get and hopefully get the future years of Academagia on full drive. On a more funny note here is a video of wizards. I imagine this is how the Captain view you if you join him.

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The spy mask is a great metaphor for the duplicity of spies, it's rarely a real thing, great for the dramatic effect on the video though :) Reminds me of the swedish (theatre loving) king that got killed on a Masquerade. He started up schools, theatres libraries and supported culture and education in every form. He also limited the nobilitys rights and priviledges which made it easier for the common people. The people loved him, the nobility hated him. So some Noble officers conspired to kill him on a masquerade, they managed to kill the king who died after a very drawn out set of surgeries and medical atempts to keep him alive for a little bit longer.

The escape plan for the assasins failed however since their numbers were few and most of the regiment that the King had employed for his guard were commoners who liked the king a lot more than they liked the treasonus officers. Executions followed, but they still got away leniently and kind of suceeded since the king had no direct heirs, so they would have a replacement adopted into the family via a royal relative that woudl add some credibility to the new royal line. These assasins/scemers did indeed wear masquerade masks, because it fit the situation, it didn't help them escape though.


As for hats, can't really claim I've been a fan of wizards hats. They make you stick out too much, especially when you arn't at the academagia where everyone in theory could be wearing one. It seems like a magnet for trouble. Then again the robes might already be doing half that job :P


At the same time, some crooks avoids the robed ones.


Ok then.... I guess it depends on the design of the wizards hat... One that doesn't get stuck everywhere and doesn't impede your vision too much would be ok I guess. I'm more on the practical side of things than having the flashiest fashion statement. Not that it can't look good at the same time.... Time for me to get a snack and a drink, see you all later. Hopefully that Greenlight thing hits soon.

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As for hats, can't really claim I've been a fan of wizards hats. They make you stick out too much, especially when you arn't at the academagia where everyone in theory could be wearing one. It seems like a magnet for trouble. Then again the robes might already be doing half that job :P

There laws who can or have to use certain form and color of outfit in Mineta (and other places) other people usually not allowed to wear any of the special outfit and would be punished if they found out.
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I can see why people who arn't part of the militia can't wear a militia uniform, least not unless they're doing work for the militia I guess.


Which professions got clothing/colour restrictions? Never been a fan of restrictions, but I guess there is a reason you can't be dressed as a city official, medical doctor or lawenforcement if that isn't your profession.

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