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The thing about wizard hats though, are that you can dislike the man, but you can't ignore the hat. The wizard cops video was fun though. I can sympathize,.. really... that said, if my character was ever caught, he would attempt every spell and make a run for it as well. The sad fact of life is that wizards don't like to be subject to law (certainly not the laws of nature!).

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It's about time progress was made on this front. Well, it was about time two weeks and some change back, but if there's one thing the Team can probably quote in their sleep by now it's "better late then never" :rolleyes:. I'm actually looking forward to what the Steam crowd will (attempt/want to) contribute, though that's mostly because after re-playing Battle Network 4 and 5 I've just about lost all the brain cells that bad writing was ever going to kill.


Not that that's a challenge, mind.

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Sure as I am that this will be answered with a "no" I find myself desperate enough to ask: Would having the regulars here (p?)review the Greenlight campaign speed up/supply confidence/what have you and get it done faster? IIRC it's just final adjustments and editing that's left, right?

That would totally be like this:


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