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Oooh, even if there's still some time before we should do that, I kind of want to do it right now to make sure that any unexpected kinks get worked out beforehand and that I can get the game again right when it becomes available.... :)

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So that's a thing that just happened :mellow:. Seeing as how I actually wouldn't buy the game on Steam even assuming it ends up there, though, I won't falsely claim that I would. Now a GoG version, that'd be a different story, but sadly I'm not a fan of Steam.


All the same, here's to hoping it doesn't get buried under a pile of cheaper shinies within the next hour.

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Legate would you mention the Greenlight for Academagia at last in the Holdfast Kickstarter as you sold the game there? (Maybe also over at the other Kickstarter as some show interest in voting for Academagia there)

Also 5 comments so far at the Greenlight page but not sure about the votes.


Edit: mentioned it over at Hanako that Greenlight is now open http://hanakoforum.nfshost.com/community/viewtopic.php?f=6&t=831&p=18017#p18017

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In general, we try to avoid too much of the KS spam, but I'm sure it will go up in the next VB Update. I'm not sure about Holdfast.


I'd like to know about the votes, too- but if Scheherazade is any indication, it will take a little while. ;)

Yeah, but Scheherazade just doesn't have that drawing power that Academagia does. :)

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So I read through the Greenlight, and a few things to point out:

I’d say it’s safer to explore the Academy of Mineta itself, but let’s be real: the school’s seventeen hundred years old, and it’s been the center of wizard uprisings, undead invasions, and Gods know what all else.

The Explore action's description claims that the foundations of the school are over 3 millennia old. So, in theory, that means you could find something...probably buried under the school grounds that's a millennia older than the school itself?


and you’ll have dynamic, incredibly complicated relationships between the eighty-some students themselves in your year

I don't think "relationship measured from -10 to 13+", "is or isn't your Rival" and "is or isn't a member of your Clique" really qualifies as "dynamic" or "incredibly complicated".


Negation, the magic of deflection, evaluation, and stillness?

"Stillness" as in just plain old silence? Because the other kind of stillness I'm familiar with I don't think a guard would be in favor of (and it's more of a Mastery thing anyway :unsure:)...


And a bonus one from one of the comments just because it's just so incredibly true...

Since there isn't a Harry Potter game worth playing that really capture the endless possibilities of the HP universe, Academagia is all we are left with.

You'd think the one visual medium that get easily get away with 80+ hour lengths would be the one to bring the full version of the story to people's screens, but no. Instead we got 5-10 hour platformers who's self-contained plot is a cliff-notes version of the films, and indeed, stretched thin to the point of being borderline incomprehensible when taken on their own. I mean there's definitely worse games out there (aside from one instance of having to re-fight the troll from the "troll in the bathroom" debacle as part of a first year's Herbology class...twice...right after fighting the original and being told how a first year can't be expected to survive an encounter with one...), but they just aren't the games that are still great and fun to play even a decade after the fact.


And of course Academagia will still be played a decade after the fact...because that's roughly how long it'll take for Y2 to be released, but, details ;).

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