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In the catacombs, yes...muahaha,


I suppose it depends on your definitions! It seems both to me, but I also understand what you are driving at. ;)


Silence. :)

...Best place to explore ever. I mean what could possibly go wrong :)?


Ultimately I suppose my theory is true that this game really requires an active imagination on the player's part to be as grand as it's being described. Mind you, that's not necessarily a bad thing. I'd be worse of the game punished trying that by dragging down the arguably worst character of the game to being on the same level as the worst character of the entire series, if for different reasons. Why, no, of course that's just a random example... <_<


Do the guards magically silence crowds often? I mean I guess Mineta's citizens might be accustomed enough to magic that suddenly losing their voice won't be a reason to panic for them, but still.

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I dropped by tonight looking for updates about the Holdfast app and thought I'd check up on the status of Year 2, and coincidentally just happened to land on the day that the Greenlight went up for Year 1?


I voted, but I'm tempted to wax proverbial about tortoises and hares.


Also, I can't seem to actually get my at my copy of Year 1. I bought it from Impulse back in the day before Gamestop acquired it, and Gamestop seems to no longer support it on their download app. I managed to log in successfully with an older version of the app, but it wouldn't let me download it without upgrading the app, and when you upgrade the app it wants an authentication code that it never sends you.


I don't suppose there's anything you guys can do about it?

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@Torolf sadly Freespace reported the same problems and its only Gamestop that could fix it on their side.

But what you can do is login to the Stardock webpage and get the confirmation that you bought the game from there because BCS said they will give out Steam keys for people where they can confirm the buy.

(I personal had made a copy of the installed game on my backup HD and use this for now but keep in mind you need to run Academagia.exe with admin rights if you use it from a backup)

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What really irks me is that I had actually located a solution to this "No authentication" problem some time ago, but failed to write it down. If I recall, it had something to do with manually tinkering with your IP/network settings, but that's all I remember. I can't find the location where I initially found it, either, so I'm stuck waiting.

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Stay tuned, folks. In 3-4 hours I *might* be able to access Impulse one last time to pilfer all that is rightfully mine. If this extremely halfhazard method works, I will make a new thread on it.

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I don't know what happened, but I was able to log in to the app, save the game key (along with about 20 of the 80 or so other games I had that I hadn't already purchased when they were on sale at GOG) and install it. If I recall correctly, DLC needs to be installed manually from here, and my old saves have long ago vanished (2 computers ago)


Should I wait for DLC 17 or start a game now? :P


Edit: I know some people think Steam is the greatest thing since sliced bread, and I neither begrude them their opinion nor wish to reopen that debate here, but please let us know if getting BCS games on GOG is viable, and if so, what we can do help that along, since I understand that is a more difficult prospect than even getting on Steam. I suppose being Greenlit on Steam would probably be a first step.

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I'm extremely pleased that I managed to access impulse again. It took some doing, but I got everything. I still have to dowload DLC16 again, but I'll be back up and running in no time!

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Tbh, I think there is a lot of people who arn't checking Greenlight unless someone tells them to.


I know I'm not checking it regularly, I might have stunbled on it once or twice before. Mostly I tend to forget about it's existance. I don't use the community tab often and that's where it shows as an alternative and when I check on who's online then it's bottom right corner where it shows people online but I don't think Greenlight is mentioned there.


I mentioned it to some of my friends and at least one of them said they would greenlight it because they had tried a demo in the past but hadn't bought it back then but might try it in the future if it's greenlighted. The others, not sure, people might forget about it right after being told about it.


So you got my vote and maybe a few others. Personaly I can't see why people wouldn't like this game, it's like a really good book with RPG elements and choices and some random events and thigns spicing things up.nm all those other choices. I guess it takes soem imaginationaswell since it hasn't got that much in the way of graphics. I do appreciate the art that's there though, it's very atmospheric adding to the imagination but not forcing it too much.

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How many greenlight votes are needed these days anyway? I heard they increased it a while back can't recall what they said about it though.


You havn't got a fan E-mail list for those who might be intrested in Year 1 and 2? Given that it's been a few years all might not be keeping themselves updated on the development. Getting their votes couldn't hurt and they might tell a few friends.

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How Many Votes?

Okay, so just how many votes does a game need to get the Greenlight? Despite all the information publicly available, it's still hard to say.

Celsius Studios, creators of recently Greenlit game Drifter, posted some insight into the topic in a recent blog post. Among the myriad of other useful information listed in the post, the studio points out that, by their measures, approximately 16,000-17,000 votes are needed to crack the top 100, and 50,000 are needed to reach the top ten.



Drifter's Greenlight Page

The post also points out that the top 50 games only have a 60:40 ratio of yes-to-no votes. After doing a few simple calculations, it appears that about 28,000 total votes will be necessary for a good game to be accepted onto Steam.

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