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Well, I guess the team underestimated the zeal of Academagia fans especially when the forums usually only have three or four people commenting almost on a daily basis. That said, I still haven't seen a fast greenlight campaign except now. I mean even the more non-niche games took longer.

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I imagine his doctor is going to be very unamused when s/he hears about the patient suddenly having a bundle of work drop from the sky weeks earlier then expected.


Now I wonder how the Steam crowd is going to react to BCS' technique of schedule not-keeping. I mean one must assume that Valve gave them practice to spare, but... :rolleyes:

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Good to hear that it's done, but, eh...when is that Steam client expected to be released? It's a bit mean to have DLC 17 ready for release - finally - and then just sit on it for another month, non?


EDIT: Oh hi there page 22, didn't notice you before <_<.

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Well, it's done. So I guess it's possible! But it will be released with the Steam client, and the lead just came out of the hospital, so... ;)

Now that Academagia got Greenlight so fast will there be the player test or will you release as fast as possible on steam and then push a content fix later?
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