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That's a lot of mods, even just counting official DLC, Especially if each game requires the mod data in its own install folder. Please tell me you aren't going to go for something that inefficient.

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Well, yes, It's just, I shudder at how that data might balloon in size if not carefully Managed. So, how is it going to work for my older saves that are probably DLC13 or so? I don't really have that DLC anymore? If I have to redownload various DLCs to get them to work in Y2 all of a sudden the number of saves I will keep will shrink by half.

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Probably best to just import character stats, which of the imporant noteworthy adventures you did that might have a continuation, the important stuff.... Phemes spells... Add which ever phemes or spells might be appropriate if you went further in skill farming than Y1 supported through Favours etz.


Simplify things as much as possible. Otherwise the save data might become a total nightmare eventaully. It already sounds like it might get complicated. Is the data that requiers the mods really that important? The official content is commulative after all. It should be somewhat backwards compatible.

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As far as I understand it the import tool simply doesn't accept it if you use a later DLC to try and import. In theory it should be able to work, barring changes that means your save file no longer checks out (I.E. having done an adventure that was later made exclusive to a College you're not a part of), but error handling won't let you you attempt it.

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For managing mods, it's not needed (only the official content)- but to load saves, it's currently required.




The Official Content isn't cumulative- it's the same as it has been. That's what allows the community mods to be DLC agnostic.




It may soon allow you to load it.

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I want Year 2 no matter what, even if I'm only able to get my last few saves working.


Eagerly awaiting more of those crazy Wizard adventures.

Sadly I kind of feel the same way. My best saves are the last ones anyway. It's been so long, It's not funny. I really want to see how things are to progress in Y2.

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Given the current focus on Academagia and VB I wonder how far the other projects of BCS are pushed back.

From my Knowledge this projects are also on the to do list of BCS:

- a fairy tale book Kickstarter

- Scheherazade 1932

- Holdfast 4E 38


And I think that are not even all Projects they have at the to do list.

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