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Have posted some thing at the wrong thread:

The questions is just if they want to delay the Greenlight more just to give us old buyer a early view. Somehow I doubt they can integrate any suggestion or critic from us at this point into the greenlight without delay the whole greenlight by at last 1-2 month.

Lets hope they give some of us the time between Greenlight start and get Greenlight to test the DLC 17 and new UI so they can fix some bugs before the game will be sold at Steam.

Major changes, no, but if there's a typo at some point where someone confused a there/their/they're or something I don't think it'll take a month or two to correct it.

For the video yes it will take 1-2 month to do any fixes as they have to do the whole editing and maybe even do some scene again and if you look at the times we got from the Legate there is no way it will take less then 1 month for them.

If BCS want us to correct the pure text description of the game they already could have done so weeks ago.

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Considering it's been almost two and a half years since DLC 16 (shocking, I know) I'm fairly sure 'too long' is already applicable even if DLC 17 is released tomorrow. (Which it won't be, *sigh*)

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Hopefully. Schedules and "Soon" have proven themselves to be...mercurial, at times. And in addition to DLC 17 (finally), we can also brace ourselves for the influx of however many people BCS manages to grab from the Steam crowd (an amount which I expect will only barely break double digits, if that, but than again a half-dozen new regulars here would about double the downtime traffic, so yeah). Also looking forwards to whatever the Steam crowd will contribute to the Writer's Corner, in the same way that someone would be looking forwards to checking out a train wreck. Rest assured, I'm expecting variations of Trainwreck.txt to be posted more so than anything else.


'Course I don't have any sort of talent, education or background in writing I can brag about myself and as far as I know I haven't made anyone's eyes bleed (overly much), so I guess there's hope? We'll see what happens, I suppose.

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So, If it's done, shouldn't it be out by now? The only hold I can see at this point is that DLC 17 isn't ready yet, and the team doesn't want the video released until the greenlight commences...

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