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General Victory Belles Questions Thread


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Necromancy go!


Legate, I am extremely curious as to how a Belle can handle impractical outfits, or ones generally not suited for regular usage. Hiryuu for example is dressed in full body armor, that has to be pretty heavy and chafing unless her Belle magic somehow negates that. Similarly, Mahan's lack of....leg coverage looks like it would hurt her badly if she got into some cold weather. Does Belle magic make these outfits functional when they otherwise logically shouldn't be, or do they just change into more suitable clothes when their main outfits aren't fit for what they're doing?

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Hmmm, I'm not sure I understand- by items, do you mean, their equipment and weaponry?


Or do you mean the items they hold in their artwork?


If the latter, those are usually Vestures of one kind or another, although not always.


By the vestures used to obtain the belles. I'm guessing largely dependant on RNG, but maybe certain dates might increase the chance of the vestures dropping.

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