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Belles can appear as they wish, so changing clothes is more a matter of taking the time to manifest the look (usually disappearing and then reappearing, as you suggest). They can wear human clothing, but if they disapparate it will be like Obi-Wan on the Death Star. :)


about this topic does this mean that somehow, sometime in the future the Belle's will have Event/Alternate dresses?



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But Avarice in a red dress for Christmas will most certainly not be frowned upon. :P


I am reminded of the immortal words of Weird Al Yankovic:


You might hear some reindeer on your rooftop

Or Jack Frost on your windowsill,

But if someone's climbin' down your chimney

You better load your gun and shoot to kill


( From Christmas at Ground Zero ;) )


So...palette swaps?


That sounds more like a job for a Fan-artist with Photoshop.


Sadly, I don't have a red cape in my closet. Sorry. :P

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While all ships can reload out of combat, only the Japanese (I believe) invested in any kind of 'quick' reload system...and it wasn't that quick in the scale of Victory Belles combat. So, at least in '39 it's not modeled. :)

>wasn't that quick

3+(auto)/5+(crew) min reload vs 5,4km/round :rolleyes:

>it's not modeled

no 2 torpedo rounds for IJN ?




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But I think it had to be done out of combat, no?


In any event, my understanding is that all Belles have only one shot with their Torpedoes, no reloads.




>out of combat

manually> yes (~20-30 min)

auto,when working> not necessarily so(3+ min)

crew(when autos not working)> ???(5+ min)


>no reloads

nearly all IJN DD('33+)&CA(&most CL) has 1 reload per tube mount


>is that all Belles have only one shot


how many torpedo phases left after internal testing?




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Hits the North Pacific Current, hangs a right at Puget Sound, right again at Baja Califirnia, comes in hot from behind...nothing but net. :P


With my luck, I would more likely hit that shot than a straight one from less than a mile.

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Well,I have a question which is more about

navy acadmics.As we konw,there are two kinds of battleship armor designs,"Incremental Armor" and "All-or-Nothing Armor".The former is good for defending ships from heavy AP shells,The latter is good for defending small to medium shells.Whether or not these characteristic will be realized in combat?

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