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General Victory Belles Questions Thread


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There is a Gallery, but I'm not sure how in-depth the bio section will be yet. I think that depends on the Research Team. ;)




I don't think those were released in higher resolution.


You have any idea when they would be released in higher resolution? Asking for chibi Bulldog for a friend

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The real volume of aircraft, where we know it. Belles can carry more, if you level them that way, too.



So basically your telling us that we will have the capability to modify our belles to excel in a particular area to a degree, but I'm assuming this will have some drawbacks as well? or is it the modification(temp) not great enough to give it a disadvantage?

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Zhao brings up a good question. Will famous sailors, airmen, and flag-rank figures be appearing in game, and if so, how would they be implemented? Are they an addition to some of the belle conversations, such as Earnest Evans in a dialogue with USS Johnston, or will they be appearing in a larger role such as crew members who give bonuses similar to the ship mascots?

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