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The Daily Song Thread - Post Your Day's Tunes!


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This is more of me finding a song that I think embodies the personality of a Belle. The Belle in question is Bulldog, but the song I think can work for any Northerner, as in my opinion the song is the Northerner's anthem


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A little something since there's so many Canadian backers as well :)


Cheers fellow Canadian Captains. And Well met to the entire fleet!





Ah ha! So that's how I do it


Also: Just so everyone knows it's actually two songs being done, one is the obvious 'Maple Leaf Forever' (obvious since name is in the title) and the second is 'Alberta Bound' by Gordon Lightfoot, a canadian folk music singer. Actually it's not too bad of a blend to be honest, but that could just be the pipes


My Dutch comrade kept sharing this to me that I've become aware of it thanks to him, and again thanks to you. Such lovely Canadian pride that I'd love to have this in VB, if I haven't crossed the line. At least add it for the more sane Canadians as a collectable for an in-game jukebox, or similar :P. Nice to see more Canadians popping in!




Was listening to SALM - Show me (feat. Lexicon) when trying to fish up Umikaze from the hell of E-3, yet RNG wouldn't allow me to meet up with her, even to the final last 10 minutes for a good 10 hrs, or so, of trying. I however enjoyed the fighting vibe in this track that I'm still in a fighting mood. I want to shoot some ships, or similar. I'd love to fight ship vs ship because this track drums up a war mood. :ph34r:


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Well for today lets add something more for our red comrade captains, both at sea and on land :D



Vid was made by a CJ Spencer who does a lot of this type of thing. If you haven't already I'd definately recommend checking his vids out (A lot of Girls und Panzer AMV stuff, but a few others as well). I'm particularly fond of his 'Girls Und Panzer - Fan Movie - I Due Colonnelli (Part 1)' vid XD

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Been meaning to post this for a bit:


艦これ KanColle BGM 待ち伏せの夜戦 通常時
Even though the event [KanColle Spring 2016] was stupidly made, stupidly difficult, and just unnecessarily difficult, it did have nice BGM. Thanks for the various Kanmusu joining my rank! The part at :50 to 1:20 being my favourite part with it reminding me of ships breaking the crest of the waves on a nasty sea. Riding the stormy waters breaking the tip of the weaves.
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Ah my childhood. I can't watch the original dub of digimon because I grew up on the english version. Pokemon may have had better games but Digimon had the better show.

"I know! I'll turn my trusty frying pan, into a drying pan!"


"Man, these jelly donuts look amazing! I love me some jelly donuts!"


4Kids y u do dis

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