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I'm changing tactics to working E3 and E5. Had a look at Poi statistics for Akizuki drops and the boss node has a roughly 4 times better chance of dropping her, but I've never had much luck sinking the submarine princess (on hard no less, should have done this on easy before clearing).


This is motivating getting more DDs with high enough ASW for an opening ASW attack, but most of that can be handled outside the event. For now, still hopeful to find a Umikaze and Agano.

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Rise and shine admirals! An event has been announced for the first half of February. Still waiting on more hints to drop, but thus far this sounds like it will be a smaller one.


I'm preparing by trying to get more 70+ ASW DDs. Also managed to build a Taihou and do the jet plane quest, so i'm feeling pretty good about this.

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Well, I'm happy that I completed that event. Was fun, and I'm sure I could have beaten more maps on normal yet I just wanted I-13 & I-14 only. Matsukaze is in my fleet, even surprisingly with Teruzuki.


32828169326_f8ba8c66d6_c.jpgKanColle1558 by SubTrance, on Flickr


- Room with I-13 & I-14 model

32054655623_f263b3a4df_c.jpgKanColle1562 by SubTrance, on Flickr


- Matsukaze is under my command now while reminding me of Mio from K-On. A sister, cousin, or someone inspired by Mio type thing.

32719349002_331922b3fd_c.jpgKanColle1571 by SubTrance, on Flickr


- V-Day login reward

32055932594_47bf8e26ce_c.jpgKanColle1572 by SubTrance, on Flickr


- Surprisingly gained Teruzuki from L Node E-3 easy. I wasn't expecing it.

32110135573_e0b88c5e67_c.jpgKanColle1583 by SubTrance, on Flickr


- Yamagumo gained from the event trying to complete E-3 that I rescued her.

32546092460_5d38f112d9_b.jpgKanColle1585 by SubTrance, on Flickr


- Surprisingly gained I-13 before the main E-3 clear: Gaining I-13 probably shows how furious & how frustrated I became with not being able to clear the E-3 map thanks to it being RNG luck based, not equipment & Kanmusu based. That 2% luck of clearing.

32546093010_98f3754459_c.jpgKanColle1586 by SubTrance, on Flickr


- CLEAR! I-14 gained!

32127903483_ff18c16b15_c.jpgKanColle1590 by SubTrance, on Flickr


I'm so happy Sendai, Hatsuharu, & Yuudachi finally focused on KO'ing the boss. It was so idiotic & retarded how the map heavily relied on debuffing & RNG luck that this is NOT how you make maps. Seriously. That is seriously not how you make maps relying HEAVILY on debuffs & RNG luck. It should rely more on your fleet composition, not RNG luck. It made me outright furious that it just takes away the whole meaning of playing a game that "games are supposed to be FUN" that E-3 (boss kill phase) forgot the meaning of what "fun" is. It had it from beginning until the transport phase.


Also, I know it's close to impossible, yet I'm thankful there were no RCN related KanMusu coming out of this event as I had a mental break down at the end of January that seeing a Canadian Kanmusu would have broke me fully. I'm currently trying to keep myself sane & normal that I'm trying to keep my reach low. Stupid Canadian winter with lacking sun & being sick, and too much stress points. I however did complete this KanColle event so I'm happy. Matsukaze, I-13, Teruzuki, Yamagumo, & I-14! Yatta!~ I may go back for Fujinami, yet that isn't a big priority right now.


I really want to hug Sendai, Hatsuharu, and especially Yuudachi for winning it for me. Yuudachi's proud final kill with the Aviation Battleship Abyssal being at 5 HP (interesting choice of attire also with that skirt riding up and that gas mask). It was fun up until before the final boss run RNG madness.

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Now attempting to close out fhe event on Normal, but having some trouble downing the boss herself, those carrier princesses keep surviving the day battle and tanking shots for her at night. On the bright side i did find I-13. Was very surprised to see her as i had assumed she would only drop on S-ranks.

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Just wanted to say a quick "hello" again before wandering off a tiny bit into a Russian themed KanColle event. I find it neat how we're getting one of each nation, this time in Russia land.


Leveled up a few kanmusu


33190257450_3369180d53.jpgKanColle1607 by SubTrance, on Flickr


33536788206_0a108f75a5.jpgKanColle1609 by SubTrance, on Flickr


33450447831_58c7fd0264.jpgKanColle1611 by SubTrance, on Flickr


33440779542_fd3bab7013.jpgKanColle1612 by SubTrance, on Flickr


33187482633_48697a7f7d.jpgKanColle1616 by SubTrance, on Flickr


34291385566_14abf95198.jpgKanColle1623 by SubTrance, on Flickr


Choukai, Unryuu, Chikuma, Warspite, Suzuya, and Zara




I thought we were getting the Victory Belle beta by now, but I guess that's not a thing. Remember reading March 2017.....Still needs time, eh? Alright, see you a bit later then. Also, can't wait for when we 'may' get to the Canadian kanmusu for when something simple won't be blown needlessly out of proportion again for silly reasons out of my control. Good luck on the Russian themed Kancolle event. Happy hunting the Russian Kanmusu(s)!

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Whew, cleared! I know I have more time, but I decided to just finish it up and it took the last of the fuel even on normal difficulty due to last dance shenanigans. Got all but one of the new ships, I can live with that. I'll try to find Akzuki a bit later, then I'm completely finished working on it.

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