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- Combined Fleet Madness:


31030833431_fbf3dc414f_b.jpgKanColle1417 by SubTrance, on Flickr


- Commandant Teste is now mine! Some French pride for the necessary variety also, and she's a fun one to have. :wub:

30323717884_38d2c373b0_b.jpgKanColle1423 by SubTrance, on Flickr


- Ashigara DJ'ing off E-3:

31109074156_209a978f0d_b.jpgKanColle1424 by SubTrance, on Flickr


- Commandant Teste. That's one down, 3 more to go. Need to get Saratoga, as I strongly desired before confirmation.

31145259785_c4897c1baa_b.jpgKanColle1429 by SubTrance, on Flickr


Now I just have E-4 & E-5 to go through, then double back for farming. Nice!

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God damn.........Not another cancerous map.......I've been stuck on E-4 for a few (2) days now thanks to someone always going taiha/red. THis map's difficulty relies on at least one kanmusu to go red & I won't send a ship back as I need the firepower. Someone always has to go taiha, and it's not gameplay type fun. I managed to deal with E-4's Transport stuff just fine, yet the moment I touch the assault phase everything goes bat-crap insane. I was able to get myself to the final dance phase, yet can't even touch the boss node ON EASY which is stupid. Not even once. Someone has to go taiha........Maps that force at least one kanmusu to go red is stupid, even with or without the healing equipment. This is also on easy which it shouldn't require you to use those, yet it does because "Japan".


If Victory Belles does the same thing then you guys shall be shooting yourself in the foot. God damn...........All that salt.....All that god damn salt produced just from the assault phase.


I'd love to know both "who" (played on easy) & "how" they beat the map. I had Maya's cutin, CV (long route), upgraded planes (via crafting), and even two support expedition......Taiha, defeat....Farthest I managed was Q node, then I had to retreat........I stalled out, and I'm just spinning my wheels as I waste resources. I had people try to help me, yet it still wouldn't work. I saw other people's saltiness on the Kancolle forum saying how this map is cancerous. Also mentioned how one spent a whole day, yet had to go sleep for a dentist/doctors appointment.......I'm assuming I wasted a good 10,000 resources (unless I can't count in frustration) and it's something else. What a useless map.


Holy hell..........Even my great Japanese buddy hates the map and he beat it on hard......I can't do crap on easy........With that kind of insult I want my resources back. I had a good 290,000, except for bauxite....I'm now down to 269,841 (yes, so worked up I can't do math. You figure it out).

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The biggest bullshit I've seen with event RNG is having 2-3 good runs beforehand, then you send off both support expeditions and you have a combined fleet, so 4 active fleets. Then on the first or second node, you get one ship taiha because HAHAHA F*CK YOU. What a waste of resources and morale loss (because the support expeditions still take up fuel/ammo even if they aren't activated).


In better news, I beat E3 (easy) 2 days ago:


I like her clothes. It looks very warm and comfy.


E3 Fleet:




Now onto E4 soon!

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Currently on E4 Normal, chipping away at the transport portion. I'm having some sucess with the 3 DD 1 CL 2 CAV and 2 DD 1 CL 2 CAV 1 CV fleets, but the results are mixed. Pretty much live and die on if I make it past H node. Not actually trying to deplete the TP bar super fast, trying to S-rank the boss in case I can reel in an Asakaze.


Not about to reset this and have another go round if I don't find her though.


E3 was pretty manageable on normal after I got the debuff working, think it takes the boss' evasion down quite a bit so you can actually hit her for more than chip damage without a CV.

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Alright, I'm done with the event.


E-1 was fun, as was E-2 & E-3. E-4 was the worst for me, and I was sloppy on E-5 (with E-1). I won E-4 by using a light fleet to then find E-5 to be a fun map with the unlockable start point. It's been fun, and I feel awesome for completing it from beginning to end. I just now need to go Kanmusu hunting.


- Bismarck E-4 MVP on a nightkill:

31220325686_e33acc59fb_b.jpgKanColle1440 by SubTrance, on Flickr


E-4 drove me nuts that I was constantly told to try light fleet if the other wasn't working. So glad I had it working that my fleet obliterated S Node with ease then obliterated the boss node.


- I had three remodels while scanning through my kanmusu list: Kazagumo, Shiratsuyu, and Uzuki.

30435068754_df2dbd3e3e_z.jpgKanColle1449 by SubTrance, on Flickr


30435070444_837917a981_z.jpgKanColle1450 by SubTrance, on Flickr


31141953601_1f5ae406b5_z.jpgKanColle1451 by SubTrance, on Flickr


- E-5 Shortcut focus (sloppy longer route)

31220356306_91851ee330_z.jpgKanColle1452 by SubTrance, on Flickr


- Sakawa gained on both A & O Node:

30888704390_0f357ba15a_z.jpgKanColle1453 by SubTrance, on Flickr


- Funky trip to the boss node until Final Clear.

31220397436_1f4422c134_z.jpgKanColle1455 by SubTrance, on Flickr


- They did well giving Saratoga's wreck a spooky personification. Fits her wreck nicely.

31112632832_bd23b44e14_z.jpgKanColle1456 by SubTrance, on Flickr


- OP Prinz Eugen KO'ing the boss on the first few run throughs

31142014441_ec37f82627_z.jpgKanColle1457 by SubTrance, on Flickr




This feels so glorious, even on easy. RNG was a pain, yet as was my patience. I had to force a fleet together swiftly from a lack of time. Prinz Eugen & Maya MVP for E-5 :)


Part 2 of E-5 clear next post.

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E-5 was genuinely fun. I loved it. I loved how you could choose to sortie the longer route, or focus on going the shorter route by knocking out A Node, perfect airbase protections, and maybe S-Ranking certain nodes. This would have been a major hassle on higher difficulties, yet was neat on Easy difficulty for me.


- Prinz Eugen Nuking Saratoga's wreck after a Destroyer Torpedo wave knocked out other Abyssals, damaged her escort, allowing Maya & Prinz to heavily damage the Saratoga Wreck Abyssal. The DDs allowed Maya to attack the FS for 300 damage, then Prinz Eugen finished her off. Maya is also a weakness to the wreck heh.

31242364096_9b88202648_b.jpgKanColle1459 by SubTrance, on Flickr


- It pays to have a proper fleet, something I didn't have. I was too frustrated once again with all the conditions I just sortied a powerful fleet over a proper 'clean' fleet. I switched my fleet to a 'clean' fleet for the Final Dance' allowing me to get her. SARATOGA GET!

30456992734_63a4a688f3_b.jpgKanColle1460 by SubTrance, on Flickr


- Kaga's flagship victory:

30910812690_57d73fb9be_b.jpgKanColle1461 by SubTrance, on Flickr


- Quick peak at my final route:

30910836020_1152f7b9e7_b.jpgKanColle1462 by SubTrance, on Flickr


- E-1, E-2, E-3, E-4, & E-5 cleared! Yatta!~

30457041234_3c80bf1c10_b.jpgKanColle1463 by SubTrance, on Flickr


This is also far more special when you once knew people who played KanColle yet quit for silly or somewhat proper reasoning. Participation enough was enjoyable for me, and glad to have partook in this event gaining two of the Kanmusus I desired. Needing the others.


- Saratoga! What a typical 1930's tomboyish beauty. Her English is heavenly, whenever she does speak it. I wish they give her full Warspite lines, yet I guess they fear an Iowa moment.

30910851980_da81aae038_b.jpgKanColle1464 by SubTrance, on Flickr


- Pola being a silly drunk when assisting with Saratoga's sorties after Commandant Teste turned red on 2-2. Amusement to be had.

31242448566_f7529dca89_b.jpgKanColle1466 by SubTrance, on Flickr




I'm happier now that I beat the event and have Saratoga on hand. I do NOT want to touch E-4 again! I do however want to go back to E-1 & E-5 for certain Kanmusu. Maybe even E-3 for Akitsushima. I just want Akitsushima, and was robbed her during an event with all the RNG maddness & timed out. I just can't get Akitsushima............Every time I have a chance, I just can't get her. I hope I can this event on either Tuesday or Wednesday.


So glad to be done with the main dish, yet the side dishes may be of interest :)

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Yea I've been using Sara while farming. The weird thing is Pola doesn't seem to drop on S rank. there have been no reports of Pola on S rank yet.



Ahhh! My second Oyashio!



I. Just. want. Pola! :(


Ok so I think that's enough for the day. I'm now at a total of 81 farming runs. I've gotten 3 Sakawa, 2 Oyashio, Hayasui, Hatsukaze, all of cardiv 1 and 2, and more Nagatos than I can count. Pola is nowhere to be seen.


Also what difficulties did you guys do? I saw pizza did E4N? I did NEENE. I could have done E3 on normal but I just didn't feel like it. And the rewards weren't enticing enough imo. I made sure to clear E4 for my first expansion thingy though and I used it on shoukaku K2A. Now she'll have a permanent Damecon lol.

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Haven't actually done E5 yet, but that will likely also be N unless i'm short on time.


Sounds like rng is just not being nice zuri. That was me trying to find Nimu last event. I'll be looking for Agano and Sakawa in E5 myself, and probably Asakaze too if i don't find her on my way out of E4.

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Well at least I-26 last event was on a significantly cheaper map to farm where you could do as many runs as you want... lol. Also good luck finding them. I had good luck in this event in the things I didn't want lol. I got Asakaze while clearing. I wanted Asakaze but I'd trade the rng for Asakaze drop for a pola drop every time. xD

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Starting to do some Kanmusu fishing with me happily obtaining Akizuki from E-1 in roughly 20 sorties, or so. She's a nice get. Shall focus my run on Tuesday on two Kanmusu on E-3, hoping they'll drop.


31290888545_9f4878029d_b.jpgKanColle1468 by SubTrance, on Flickr


Welcome to the fleet! :)

(Also had Kashima drop right before Akizuki, someone whom I already have from another event.)

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I'll also have to go back to E1 for Akizuki, having more than one Ducky will help in future events, thy really do blow the other AA cut-in DDs out of the water (since they were actually made for that instead of being modified for the job). I actually had extraordinary E2 luck getting Yamakaze and Isokaze from my first farming run. I did have to farm for... 26 runs I think for a Harukaze though, was salty about missing her during the Iowa event.

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E-4 is just a brutal mess that I'm glad I didn't go back there to farm. Glad you beat it. Congrats! Anybody who has beaten E-4 deserves a medal for how cancerous that map is. Also, congrats for fishing up Hatsuzuki & even Asakaze. You'll gain your Pola if I managed to gain Asakaze at E-5 after 50-70 sorties. Something like that.




DONE! I'm done! YATTA!~ Done with the whole damn event. There's maybe a few left, yet I"m not going to bother grabbing them. I gained whom I wanted, and I'm happy with them. Commandant Teste, Saratoga, AKizuki, Yamakaze, Akitsushima, and even spoiled brat 'high horse' appearing Asakaze. Gained all of interest :) Saratoga managed to get up to level 36, Akizuki to 24, as well as Commadant Teste to level 9. Even nudged Warspite a touch when showing Saratoga the ropes.


Even before all this I happily remodeled Hiryuu after forcing her into my event fleet to gain more experience. Seemed to have worked out nicely :)


30951998800_f70c39884a_b.jpgKanColle1469 by SubTrance, on Flickr


31285513426_5252c43eb7_b.jpgKanColle1470 by SubTrance, on Flickr


30500871524_95ee8624df_b.jpgKanColle1471 by SubTrance, on Flickr


31291570296_9eba192833_b.jpgKanColle1472 by SubTrance, on Flickr




So glad to have these Kanmusu in my fleet, and in a homely environment. Now I won't have to stress over them missing, or a missed opportunity thing.


30505749244_ae1cd7d8e0_b.jpgKanColle1473 by SubTrance, on Flickr


30959424230_253c1cd181_b.jpgKanColle1474 by SubTrance, on Flickr


30520503433_16ecb50014_b.jpgKanColle1475 by SubTrance, on Flickr


Akitsushima was a big one of mine after being robbed from the main event she was as (.1% away from a final clear), even missing an event, yet glad she's finally under my command! Nice! Now let's go rest up as I have other games calling for me named 'Tower Unite', American Truck Simulator (re-scale fun), Euro Truck Sim 2 (France DLC & Update), and etc.......


I leave this event feeling accomplished & well rewarded for all the blood, sweat, and tears. Screw E-4 though; E-5 deserves an award for being fun :wub:

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Finally got the 2nd start point and boss debuff worked out, E5 clear now going smoothly. Also got another member of the crossroads-club: Sakawa!


Thankfully the clearing is going smooth enough that grinding her will not be required to get this done.

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