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2 hours ago, Panay's Ghost said:

Of special note is at 4:00..."the captain lives in a broom closet".

I'm not sure whether that means all captains regardless of ship size/class live in equal (lack of) luxury, or that destroyer captains live in a medicine cabinet over a sink. ;)

Uhm compared with the captain quarters I've seen so far, live and on media,  that one is pretty amazing in size. Or you really have huge broom closets in America. Because "everything's bigger in America."

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The last of the so-called "E-Boats", this German "Schnellboat", S-130, served Nazi Germany's Kriegsmarine in WW 2, the Royal Navy and MI6 in the early cold war, and then being used to train new generations of seamen as part of the Bundesmarine until the early 90s, a very long career for such a little boat.


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See I'd be down for PT/Torpedo boats. That'd be great. Could cameo JFK. 



Drachinifel bills himself as a naval historiographer and I've been binge watching his channel for a couple days now. Some absolutely brilliant analysis and summary of individual ships and historical incidents with incredible detail. (Like the legend of the venomous snake that deeply added to the combat power of a ship in the Imperial Russian Navy 2nd Pacific Squadron) 

"The story of a few good men's struggle, against their own commanders, their own fleet, their own ships and their own men." 
-Drachinifel accidentally summarizing Russian Navy history in it's entirety. 


Blow by blow of the Battle of the North Cape and the sinking of the KMS Scharnhorst 

Main channel: 


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