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Captain's Association Bingo, Round 6!

Legate of Mineta

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D2, D3 and C4 are Morganas, and not available for nomination.



NOTE: the squares have been moved around, and the Morganas are no longer in the bingo square.








I'm still voting for B5.

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:) I don't mean to turn this into an actual competition or something, mind, just didn't think you were online (forgot to check, TBH) and I saw the topic so I thought, well, might as well.


PS, I'll also toss in my Wildcard vote this time - this week's chosen by the confirmed sentient RNG (try and luck-manipulate Academagia if you don't believe me <_<) is E3!

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Well, we got an Italian and an African in one pop! Yay!


Okay, now I'm going to advocate as I said for Hiryuu. Time we rectify the paucity (actually total lack) or IJN voted interviews given their representation overall.


B4 or bust!

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Last week, during which A4 won, the RNG Gods favored D1. As in, reverse the numbers and you get A4. The week before last week they rolled A4 straight-up.


Like I said, the RNG is sentient. And...also a bit of a troll.


That was a joke in reference to the Electronics Entertainment Expo, which was held last week.

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Gawd, I leave Chicago and I get out Chicago'd. What's next, butterfly ballots? :blink:


Okay, I'm voting D4 then.


D4 = Hiryuu = this week's IJN choice

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