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Captain's Association Bingo, Round 7!

Legate of Mineta

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E1. I did my research on Yavuz, and I want to see if your team got the same information, or if I missed anything important. I also want to see the personality of the longest serving dreadnought in history.

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Legate, can you please confirm that we've winnowed out all the Morganas from the bingo board? I'm in a debate with someone over whether one of the remaining squares is a Morgana or a Belle. I was pretty certain you'd helped us clear out the unvotables.

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Huh. How will the team choose between two Belles that got an equal number of votes? I mean if worst comes to worst I could switch my vote at the behest of the confirmed sentient RNG, I guess, but that seems like a rather...silly tie-breaker.

I'm sure there are plenty of tie breakers that have not cast their votes yet...


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