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Canadian [Arpeggio of Blue Steel inspired] Fog


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Heyo. This thread has been held back for so long as to not over-saturate the forum with Canadian-ness, yet I guess it doesn't really matter now because of all the selective hearing going on. Just wanting to get it out of the way now while both annoyingly, yet happily, wanting to share the fruit of my frustrations of seeing a void. It ain't anything highly special, yet it's still special when one views a void & fills it, especially giving it a nice touch of "what if's" of seeing Canadian warships "KanCollefied". In this case, "Arpeggio-fied", something that this Victory Belles game is proud of inspiring from. That, and always seeing USN plastered everywhere really hit a nerve that I just went out to make some RCN related characters to "even out the playing field", something Victory Belles should hopefully be doing by playing with most of the nations partaking in naval warfare.


- General Thoughts:


I love 'Arpeggio of Blue Steel' so much that I noticed a scene where American warships were coming towards I-401 (Iona) & Kongo's stupid super-weapon scene. It made me highly curious (as well many episodes back with a Fog-less destroyer) that I was curious what Canadians would have as a threat to their boarder. I was highly curious if Destroyers also had 'Mental Models' to join in on that fun, or if it was more of a vocal thing (voice without a body). It made me think of HMCS Haida, as well as her sister HMCS Huron at the time that I tried making them also appear punky because we Canadians (in a youthful sense) are quite punky & hisptery. We love picking fights, even if we want to admit it or not, that we enjoy a good verbal fight. Every Canadian I've come across always had some kind of temper (myself included) that I just had to have that included into Haida's & Huron's visual appearance in both a "FOG rebellion" behavior, as well as a national trait of ours. Maybe at least through the hair. Maybe even in the booze-drinking image I screenshotted.


I enjoy seeing a nice visualization of HMCS Haida & HMCS Huron in their 'fan-form' appearance, even if it may be plausible or not in their universe. It adds that nice variety to that void, and I get to even have them crow as characters now. That nice RPG feeling of 'progress', something you feel in 'KanColle'That whole US scene (as stupid as that was of them being wiped out in one shot by Kongo's super weapon) just simply inspired me that I was simply curious in filling any gaps.


Seeing as how 'Victory Belles' is inspired by 'Arpeggio of Blue Steel', I find this appropriate to post this here. I can't draw, I can't ask anybody for assistance (in short: people aren't interested) that I'm forced to use 'Illusion Games's' R18 Hentai game's character creation to give form to these. Game mostly being 'HaremMate', yet still seeking out any other to give finer details, even clothing wise. Waiting on 'Rising World' for the necessary updates to continue there.




16097176490_1ee2842187.jpg20150115025101734 by SubTrance, on Flickr


[Note: One annoying thing is I can't really go back and adjust their bust. They're now stuck with big busts in these images >_> .]



HMCS Haida [Fog]


16282738971_5e07206074.jpg20150115015127015 by SubTrance, on Flickr


Haida, being the 'lead destroyer' being the most refined of the bunch in terms of intelligence, behavior, mannerisms, as well as tactical mischievousness towards the enemy. She completes any tasks given to her done without hesitation. Refined, meaning matured mindset with focus mainly on the battlefield, tasks at hand, as well as keeping any emotions in check. Even with that, she wisely, if jokingly (somewhat sadistacly) harasses her foes in a manner which could be similar in viewpoint of "playing with one's food" through traps, assaults, and even (when given a chance) beaching her enemies.


Her personality being far more matured, refined, and serious when compared to a more "playful" & "less experienced" sister, Huron




- HMCS Huron [Fog]


16098397509_986840cbe8.jpg20150115021106578 by SubTrance, on Flickr



Huron, being one of the many sisters, having a more "playful" personality. Still serious, yet more focused on having an enjoyable time both on and off the battlefield. Her personality being the highly mischievous type which shrinks Haida's sadistic & mischievous side of her personality in a drastic manner. She enjoys teasing her enemy, harassing them, and even just messing about.


Her hair (as mentioned about in 'General thoughts') is supposed to reflect Canada's "hipster" personality as a whole. Both her hair and personality that we Canadians use our knowledge as weapons to compete with our American neighbors. This is what Huron is supposed to reflect, reference, and mirror back onto her enemy. Using her enemies information against them, to trap them, to destroy them (sometimes slowly). When necessary, and if the mission calls for it, she'll pull a "serious Haida" by simply destroying the enemy outright.




I have more images, but it seems I failed to upload them onto Flickr. That, and they may be stuck on my other hard-drive and such. When I find more I'll try and up more. Had some nice drinking & boat swimsuit shots.......


Seeing as how 'Victory Belles' is inspired by 'Arpeggio of Blue Steel', I find this appropriate to post this here. I can't draw, I can't ask anybody for assistance (in short: people aren't interested) that I'm forced to use 'Illuion Games's' R18 Hentai game's character creation to give form to these. Even other more 'KanCollefied' girls.

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Pretty nice! The thing is that the anime kinda rushed it compared to the manga. In the manga, the American Fogs are still around and they are quite a powerhouse, though they want to see Kongo fall due to a power-play. Also, destroyers can't have Mental Models unless they are given power from a more powerful ship.

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Makes me happy you find this awesome. And yup, that's usually the case. I really should read the manga seeing as how its the proper source material. I have the movie still on backlog also.


Nice to hear the American Fogs are still around, even keeping a void filled.


As for the DD's not having Mental Models is something I wasn't really aware of, yet seeing as how anything is possible when you push things I could "pretend" the American or British version of the Fog did something, if we want to go down that route. Remember Doc from Star Trek Voyager? [Trying to imply mobile holo-program, & similar]. Maybe something like that, or Maya, as you might be implying. Even so, it's a fun thing to poke around with.


Scaling things up I'm curious how HMCS Ontario & HMCS Quebec would appear. Light Cruisers should at least be possible to have some form of Mental Model, unless it's only BBs & Heavy Cruisers. If you want to pick into "what if's" then I guess the Battleship Elizabeth WW1 type pairing would be a fun part to poke around with if we chose to have both Ontario & Quebec as battleships. WW1 era, yet modernized. Would be fun.


If you want to get into the DD Mental Model nitty gritty then that what if BB sitauation would be a fun one to play around with to allow the "major players" whom I keep bringing up in posts to roam about freely with DDs having their Mental Models in some fashion.


If anybody decides to entertain the thought I'll find myself poking around various +18 Illusion game related character creations again, or something other. Maybe Rising World when NPCs come in, or something. Whatever works/happens :D I want to let the ideas loose, but I don't want to be seen as obnoxious or a jackass over it so I'll wait when it's right.......

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