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Discoveries: The Drunken


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This Background let you know about the Mineta Shipyards: Assembly Yard, Glamour Classroom: Professor's Podium and also Professor Valentas Back Office but gives you also 2 Stress


Near the Assembly Yard of the Mineta Shipyards a young adult stops your way and start to tell you the story of his poor live. From what you could understand he was not to long ago also a student at Academagia but failed. The interesting part of his story was that the Arithmetics Professor teach interested students in her back office and that at the podium at the glamour class room one can learn a lot about glamour magic. Still most of what he told you don't make any sense and it took you some time before you could continue your path. You also got kind of weary of Academagia thanks to all the horrors he packed into his story what give you 2 Stress but you hope most of them are not true.


You can get the most recent download for this year 1 mini-mod here:


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