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Kirov voice acting suggestions

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Good time of day everyone!


BCS have done a great job of providing every Belle with lines in their mother tounge. And the voice actresses were amazing!


...Exept the fact that Kirov's lines are, sadly, unintelligible at best. Her Russian sounds very broken, as if it's mixed with Bulgarian or Belarusian. As you can imagine, it would ruin the experience for Russian players and ship enthusiasts.


I can help. I could provide lessons on phonetics, spelling, logical stress in a sentence, etc.


And I also could suggest some lines with references to Russian/Soviet culture (it's a custom among russian dubbers to include lines from Soviet movies).




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Poor Kirov!


We really like her voice (listening as a non-native), but we've had many native speakers echo what you have written.


Her lines will definitely be re-recorded, and we may reach out before launch for help to make sure she is understandable!


We would absolutely appreciate any help, when the time comes. :)

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I'm not Kirov or her voice actor, but I am attempting to learn Russian. I've started reading a basic textbook and taken a few YouTube lessons in an effort to teach myself but I've still got a long way to go! Seeing your post there clown made me think. I could use some help in those areas to make the language flow more naturally, and just teaching myself won't be enough to speak like a natural!


Basically, if BCS won't take you I'd like to ask for some lessons.

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