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Adding Spells?


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So there are some spells I've seen in the Mod Base that I'd love for my character to have, but there isn't anyway to unlock them ingame (or if there is, it isn't on the wiki.)


So I was gonna add the spells (and the phemes?) to a background.


I want to add:

Regenerative Star: Stars and Healing Phemes are required. Restores 5 Vitality. Can be used every 3rd day.


Lyre of Winds. Incantation, Wind, Music. Increases Lyre, Incantation by 3 and can increase charm by 2. Lasts a few days.

(Side note, how come you don't learn this if you take the Vihuelan School background?)



Can I just add the spell and it'll be castable once the phemes are learned? Or do I have to add the phemes too? Would Inform: Spell work for that, or just Add: Spell? All the other selections use Add: Spell and Inform: Pheme.

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If everything else uses Add for spells and Inform for Phemes, there's a greater than even chance that those and only those combinations work. Beyond that you can just Add the spells and be able to cast them once you unlock all the Phemes (which may or may not ever happen if the Phemes they use are, themselves, also not available through normal gameplay, mind).

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Well after waiting forever for it to publish, I was able to test the mod and it worked. The only pheme I gave was Healing, because my character wasn't likely to learn it. The rest (stars, incantation, wind, ect) are easily learned through normal gameplay for my character, and once the phemes were unlocked she could cast the spells~


I don't think I'll ever actually use Lyre of Winds or Cross the Stars, but I wanted them. Def looking forward to Regenerative Star. Vitality is something I generally struggle with mid~late game because I don't like resting (I don't wanna lose Turned Around in The Reserve) and going to Schohanwicht drains vitality.. and yeah. Yay~

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