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A fan artist appears


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I feel we have a fan of Corruption who prefers to anonymous since they are done by commission one is hentai so everybody can look it up here is what I found on Deviantart by a shipgirl inclined artist http://lvlapple.deviantart.com/


Comm - Corruption


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19 minutes ago, Reprisal said:

Greetings! glad I was able to finish this before I went to AT, here is drawing of Nautilus (NSFWish???)


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Tried different drawing technique, which I am not used to. 

took forever to find spoiler tag lol

This pic of Nautilus is superb, I love it.


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4 minutes ago, Ninjapacman said:

That stuff's pretty dang good.  Being the critic that I am though, I will say you need to work on getting those eyes right.

Yes indeed! I have trouble coloring eyes and eye proportions, that is because of my lack of experience and education, I will try to fix it if I have time

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4 hours ago, Ninjapacman said:

I highly reccommend you practice on a picture of my adorable flagship, Admiral Graf Spee.



No, what he needs is some tried and true British Imperialism, so please, feel free to practice on His Majesty's Ship Hood.

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7 hours ago, Dmnt said:




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