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A fan artist appears


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@lazarusdw Yup this only half body without a specific background request so only 10 Euros here is her price list just click on the link and look around her deviantart page https://lisoe.deviantart.com/

Prices  Pay It


Chibi:  5€ / 6,16$

Bust:  5€ /6,16$
Half body:  10€ /12,32$
Full body:  15€ /18,48$
Background: Simple (free)
  Ornate (+5€ /6,16$)

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9 minutes ago, lazarusdw said:

@David J i have uploaded the water marked version to facebook 22hours ago and as of now its Reached 2,138 People

I've also put into the azur lane english facebook group hopefully that will drum up more intrest in VB


Nice, I do hope VB gets more interest. 

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Lore question if United States government has decided that they’re close enough to American citizens that any money they make can be taxed. Can they run for public office i.e. could we have congresswoman or senator Boise.

If anyone wants to make fanart of the us belles on the campaign trail that would be awosome

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